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uephoric drips

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  1. uephoric drips

    Cap shape

  2. Zone is only one person. Unless you talking about WSTechs then yes, they are all amazing.
  3. haha thats what a cop would. im not impling anything >.>
  4. hah nah i didnt know thanks for schooling me :p
  5. Why the last chara have 6 fingaz? Dope nonethelesss
  6. uephoric drips

    The Bible

    AbovE Senior Member AbovE is on a distinguished road Posts: 1,337 0h sh1t Above is 1337 hahaha
  7. 'Rush", honestly, did you not think in your stupid little mind that maybe, somehow, somewhere, someone didnt already write Rush? This is why cats should get schooled on this graff shit. Go write COPE3 or something. And now re-reading your comment, you said you started writing and then herd of him? AND YOU STILL WRITE RUSH? give up.
  8. O RLY? I wonder if Rush is a taken name already.
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