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  1. Rsin was mos deffinately that guy that could make you crack up.....especially with his suicide flips outta no where.....that shit was too funny.....he was just one of those cats that you could tell was just str8 up kool, no time for hate in his eyes....you could just tell....and i love when he useto get on ernie's nervs...hahahaha good shit. i loved that goofy nigga, peace brother CSUNITY
  2. Somebody down for a battle hit me up with a pm.....
  3. im down... when you say simple you mean like straight letter shit??
  4. 15LBprophet

    The Bible

    not to be an ass but these do not belong here... keep working though.
  5. out of hand, like nuts?
  6. damn, that utah label got youz excited....just wanted to know what youz thought of the stickies. ha
  7. Someone get at me thru a pm if you wanna trade labels.
  8. atleast your humble...why dont you just rep like a dope as 3d electrical cord?
  9. yeah, so turns out the ink on my stickers runs a little when they get wet.....any ideas to help me out f.y.i. i print them from my comp.
  10. no street flicks yet but i just wanted to show em.....
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