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  1. damn i havnt been on here in mad long. havnt touched a sticker in at least 2 months. just wanted to check up and see how everyones doing yo frost-did you happen to ever see any "forfit" stickers in miami. i went on a cruise down there during the summer and was wondering if anyone actually seen them shits or if they were gone the next day. they were mostly around south beach i think. i sidebusted an old collabo of yours on one of those newspaper boxes.
  2. rideli631


    hot as helll relm. yo we should do another sticker trade i got some new letter shit that ive been working on and im running low on yours. pm me
  3. dosa and enamos pm me if you wanna trade im liking both your shit alot. since your stickers are mostly graff style heres a pic of some of my letter/graf stickers.
  4. i like the letter/graf ones, looks good.
  5. i like it lil green man, i handmake every one of mine as well. i like the satisfaction of seeing handmade stuff up more than printed stuff but whatever works is fine with me. i also give stencils props because i cannot make one for my life haha. green man if you ever wanna do some trades just send me a message
  6. who wants to trade some actual graff stickers, words,letters,throwups,handstlyes. that kind of stuff.
  7. nice shit burrito, if you want to trade pm me your info and ill do the same
  8. it said rip hurricane victims and it ran for a week or so. handmade,sticker not paste and it was around 20 dhl stickers for refernce
  9. woahh thats awsome. thanks for including one of mine!!
  10. those are pretty hot i like the 6th one alot. you trade?
  11. yo would you trade? i need some more graf/letters stickers. that one is dope pm me if you will
  12. pm me for trades to be in the next round of pics and get some ups on long island,NY
  13. well since not many pics are being posted i thought id post some pics of my sticker collection book. now it may be alittle repetitive since theres more than 1 of each artist but its better than nothing. if it seems like i used all of your stickers in the book that you sent me dont worry, i put up plenty of everyones and it just means i like them alot. here goes.
  14. i got mad pages but that isnt too bad of an idea. il get some pics tonight
  15. aight cool cruel no worries, everyone elses shit is sent out. and i know what you guys mean about missing getting mail, i had something to look forward to after school, shit was awsome we gotta get it going with trades like the ole days. i read the whole street sticker thread over the course of a month and a year ago everyone was tradin and pics where coming like crazy
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