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this website is funny. who cares of the POLICE are watching. heres a headsup for them 90% of the people in this thread don't even paint they just come on here and talk shit and are washed up 2spots a year writers, maybe a little sharpie tag in a college town every month or so, if we are lucky they post flicks. this isn't a place to catch criminals chuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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pork jus sawwty cause hedake aint even from cleveland an he already has more spots than dem.. ooooooo


polyester what the fuck did i tell you after you said "im a bitch i dont fight people BRIHH" i said then dont talk shit about a single person i dont care who they are. so shut the fuck up now before i have to hunt down your bitch ass again and this time i wont give a fuck that your homeboy is there with a skate board ill fuck you both up if you wanna do it that way, dont even make me get my boy(you know who im talking bout). respect people, especially writers that could burn you with their eyes closed. if hedake and pork are gunna have beef they can handle it, they dont need a lil toy like you runnin around like you know shit. i better not hear a word of shit talking comin from this profile or ill destroy your legs and make you crawl home from your bus stop, bitch.



p.s. NEVER talk shit and tell somebody you wanna "bang"(fight) the person if you dont mean it, youre lucky i was sympathetic for you, so you better do as i said and shut you fucking mouth. if you got shit to say PM me, im out.

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