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    yo someone post up more, reminds me of graff from the old country.


    any good shoes/sneakers for the winter? not boots, already got some.


    @+plus+, cant really go wrong with either of them kicks dude. GL 6000 City Classic
  4. dope homie, don't think I forgot, just gotta upload yours.
  5. sure homie no problem, might get one of those sticker papers from walmart, unless you have a certain way you would tape it up. should have that out to gogp by Friday if that's good for ya?
  6. when I get a chance i'll post myself, alot of mk, dbz, pokemon, and skateboarding and digimon and other shit, props on the thread.
  7. my bad fellas been outta town, just hit sc up, don't know if ya want your book to skip me walid just let sc know or me, again my bad on slackin on this forum fellas, but I understand if ya want your book to go straight to gogp walid.
  8. dope page, anyone got flix of that graff jam they had behind that one graff/skate shop that was off of aldine?


    anyone ever owned a pair of these.
  10. dope. also bump this page lookin dope.
  11. Thanks homie, always comin through with his end of the exchange, diggin the new style, my bad on the wait homie been real busy, I know its simple, but recently been doin a lot simpler/straight letter type shit. hope ya like it.
  12. was gonna post, but then I saw this shit, haha, too dope. what you using to color?
  13. soo roofless nigga. on another note that 713 prodo is too dope.
  14. Dope. Anyone wanna piece exchange?
  15. shit hoss, you went all on out on those exchanges. Anyone out there wanna exchange?
  16. My book is the one with the attempt of tryin to do some tattoo style artwork that says 12 oz. on the banner on the first page. Been a while fellas, wasnt sure if everyone just lost touch or interest in the black book passaround.
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