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  1. 2016 and jasp is still talking shit on 12oz prophet. Lmao
  2. bet that article got alotta zzzzzzzzzzz's in it
  3. dru_nkkid


    even if avert does get beat up and gone over, and even if he does run from dudes twice his size at the least, he is clearly painting still in cincinnati. whether or not it fits your description of doing "work", he is doing graffiti. avert is my dude, his pieces burn shit. what i dont understand is if YOU arent the one who beats/has beat him up, then why are YOU always the one talking about it? maybe im missing something..but from my stand point, still painting even though you have dudes that hate you, even though you get gone over, shit even if you have pending charges/probation what the fuck ever, is real as fuck. i mean #YOLO right?
  4. dru_nkkid


    i heard you gotta do 500 ten+ color burners before you can even think about meeting monk. thats just what i heard though
  5. that rift a few pages back is one of THE ILLEST pieces of graffiti i have ever seen, ever. also gasm underneath that morotola banner, the homie elmer. dope shit goin down
  6. dru_nkkid


    yea totally, freights are wack and nobody should ever even try to paint them, ever.
  7. dru_nkkid


    that CN sign is crack! monk lol, i think he quit...
  8. dru_nkkid


    pork hoer zwoh klepto flicks
  9. yo wickedwacko, im not enve. you wanna hear what i got to say clear out dat inbox mr. "real nigga" ps that ward tag is crisp
  10. dru_nkkid


    From an outsiders prospective, I would say noep didn't do that tag. Doesn't look like his shit. Just my opinion
  11. dru_nkkid


    that enve is not a dems bite, you trippin.
  12. dru_nkkid


    bump my homie novel! siq piece brah. but im tired of clicking this page for the last 3 days and only seeing that. where the flix at fools. "writso suave"
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