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  1. Mind your own business, nobody was talkin to you
  3. That misery piece next to rapes is banging. Those rapes are a given
  4. That vino cat is a damn fool, writing someone else's name and throwing up their crew. Quit fakin like you're someone you aren't
  5. Bump monk and cokes. Bump that chero xxxmas too
  6. These so called seasoned veterans are out doing toy shit as well. Dissing people in shout outs who they don't know or have never even heard of. Just lining shit and putting an IO tag and nothing else cause they're soft. The dissing game can keep going back and forth but eventually some of you are gonna have to handle yours. When the time comes I'd suggest you have some hands other than just with a can.
  7. If so many people have a problem with Rome then take it up in the streets and stop crying. All of you bitches need some midol for your sore pussies
  8. Lend out a helping hand to Mr.Dibbs if you can. Go here and buy one, http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/products/terror-mr-dibbs-shirt
  9. Help out the homie that helped bring you scribble jam. Mr. Mutha Fuckin Dibbs http://www.merchconnectioninc.com/products/terror-mr-dibbs-shirt
  10. gettin all emotional over a shout out haha, straight hoe shit
  11. ^ dudes running his mouth about a writer that doesn't even get on the forums. You don't want it man, trust me. Just putting yourself next in line to get smashed.
  12. Any of Epok's straights crush necu's best, fact
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