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"A Chip in Your Shoulder"


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Nothing makes privacy lovers and conspiracy theorists blanch like people rolling up their sleeves to get injected with tiny electronic devices. But fears of an Enemy of the State-like government tracking system overlook the fact that RFID chips can only be read at very short range. Will the chips let the FBI and National Security Agency watch implantees on some super-secret radar screen? Not likely. Could some stalker hobbyist hide a dozen RFID scanners around your neighborhood and track you from his garage? Possibly.



the RIFD is quite possibly the worst idea for an open society at this juncture.


Obviously the 'state' can track you in various ways via the chip. even if they can monitor you step by step movements, which im sure they will be able to do at some point if not already, but why not have scanners set up at various locations around the country, world. Banks, train stations, airports, theaters, any and all 'public' spaces, can be rigged up.


There are many comercial uses and companies trying to use these embeded in clothes for example; tracking stocking and such is one idea, but also is the idea companies can track the movement of said clothes for constructive 'R&D'. the chip should set off alarms.

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