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  1. I didn't wanted to make a thread about it. It's some kind of news related to this thread, which is about a Libertarian, freedom loving presidential candidate like Ron Paul, and from my personal opinion it makes this post related to Ron Paul himself. Mike Gravel, said he is running for president as the libertarian candidate, accepted by the party... Sounds good, because he is not giving up. And personally i like him better than Kucinich... After all, the voting system is owned by the Global Elite so a non-elite-related candidate can win, if, MASSIVE voting in his favor happens, s
  2. Good, honest, God fearing men go to heaven.
  3. And then they cry and ask why when their kids do school shootings. I wonder what were they doing in the 70s and 80s. Taking drugs, trying to be cool, going to parties every week, watching TV most likely. History repeats, don't do what your parents did. Look at how the world is because of that generation.
  4. What kind of a pathetic loser you have to be to hate on Ron Paul? You can like other candidates, but making fun of Ron Paul? You are cursed.
  5. Yeah, RCN news had the tape of some skinny dude with a ski mask and dark shades, stating in the video that, they were a group from within the FARC that wanted to kill ALL high ranking officials. Now this dude came out in the news without a mask, and saying that "they" are 3, him, his lover and another guy, that escaped after killing Ivan Rios, for reasons of hunger, because Rios wasn't letting them cook the food because the smoke from the fire was a call for the Colombian army to come attack. And is saying that FARC should surrender, so that means he went in the FARC for personal gain, if no
  6. Thanks Jerkspot for that Palast report. Still we don't have to be "experts" to make up a picture out of all this events. Though some still need their opinion. The things are clear, where the CIA/DEA/FBI/"USA" are, there's always trouble. ___ Yesterday's "Rio Summit" in the Dominican Republic was like water to the fire when things softened up for this "conflict". Uribe trying to hug Chavez, shaking hands with a Rafael Correa that had a priceless look on his face. Nicaragua's president, Daniel Ortega asking to take the military ships away from the Nicaraguan-Colombian sea bord
  7. The narco-government of Colombia said that they found 3 computers at the site they bombed. I would like to know who's the manufacturer, i need to get one of those laptops! And the 50 kilos of uranium! haaaa! And they showed a picture of a green glowing rock in the news for the sheep to look, what a bunch of clowns. The "e-mails" talking about connection with Chavez. It's like the undercover cops, even though they try to act street you can always tell they are a bunch of nerds. Latin America is tired of the globalists oppression and they are not going to take it.(the people not th
  8. Colombia comes third after the state of Israel, in funding for war. Billions of dollars go in. The "Plan Colombia" now called "Plan Patriota"(patriot plan), to "fight" drugs by spraying fields with their herbicide that many times ended up on top of crops of farmers who wouldn't be down with the transgenic food Monsanto makes. Many people was moved out of their lands, thousands massacred, atrocities of all kinds, by these paramilitaries paid by the Colombian oligarchy that also controls the media. Their main channel is Caracol. All seeing eye. The owner, Julio Mario Santo Doming
  9. Close yes, the NWO love playing with fear. Not ready to attack yet. Who knows if they knew where the FARC fighters were but didnt decided to attack until needed. No one is saying that, i haven't heard it. But the fact that HOURS before the attack, the FARC guerrillas had liberated 4 prisoners to Chavez, and the whole peace process was getting better, with the prisoners begging Uribe to take a political exit to this problem and all that shapes the public opinion differently. These people go and murdered the FARC's fighters and do all the mediatic show with the corpses and what not,
  10. The Colombian army, or the paramilitaries, controlled by the same people, we don't know which of them were responsible for the attack. They bombed them, went down and took the bodies of Raul Reyes and Julian Conrado, top FARC officials, as trophies to be used in the Colombian media. The rest, that were bombed while SLEEPING(because most of them were found in pajamas and sleeping clothes)(contrary to the lie the Colombian government made about they being attacked) were left there to be collected by the Ecuadorian government which also found 2 female FARC fighters wounded. The gateway towar
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