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Terminal 5: 'Drunken, Coked-Out Hipsters'


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Terminal 5: 'Drunken, Coked-Out Hipsters'


The abrupt closure of the Terminal 5 art exhibit due to vandalism has us wondering what sort of mayhem we missed at last Friday's opening. A reader informs us of the besotted belligerence:


As a guest at the party, I can tell you that I saw kids tagging up the venue, there were NUMEROUS attempts of people trying to steal things (which they're not publicizing at all... a few major art pieces did get stolen), and a group of kids kicked in a door in the basement, found some old key/supply rooms, took stuff, and some really intrepid explorers found a door that lead out onto the runway!! Only one kid got caught, but a good number of folks made it onto the runway... one friend said he saw passengers in the Jet Blue terminal FREAKING to see folks looping around and causing mayhem.


But everyone I knew there was TRASHED... too much free liquor (and it's true that one of the featured artists... who will remain nameless... stole a bunch of cases of champagne and started selling bottles to the crowd at anywhere from $5-$10 a pop), no security (I only saw one female security guard, and she was definitely overwhelmed), and no one was checking the guestlist.


It was bananas out there, but not in a good way at all... it sucks that a bunch of drunken/coked-out hipsters ruined a nice art exhibit that was helmed by a few extraordinary young artists...


For those who are concerned with trying to get Port Authority to change it's mind, there's a number you can call to appeal to the PA: Interested parties are being asked to call Ernesto Butcher at (212) 435-7887 and beseech him to reconsider.

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