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  1. DontCompareMe


    STR8 CAPPIN YOU SUCKAZ !!! :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook:
  2. DontCompareMe


    to the top! with this martha focker!
  3. DontCompareMe


    totally! who fucking cares you guys both suck :shook: post up some fucking lord delt shit :king:
  4. so . who were the artisans who were showing there work? was this at the airport?
  5. http://keepitlarge.com/albums/eastbay/akm.jpg'> courtesy of the good folks @ www.keepitlarge.com
  6. http://www.icrushit.org/streets_ghost2_fit.jpg'> http://www.icrushit.org/streets_ghost3_fit.jpg'>
  7. bump for margaret kilgallen : matokie slaughter and my old writing partner sence dcm
  8. spotted in the west: king 157/beats/desi x3 saze/abys x2 guer streaks: colt 45 thats all i payed attention to
  9. what happened to the sf graff thread???????
  10. ...........D......C......M.............
  11. DontCompareMe


    DAMN between this and that old school sf post got me feeling all nostalgic and shit. ORFN is the shit and a cutty ass motherfucker
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