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Guest imported_Europe

Rich Danish criminals pay stand-ins to serve sentences

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Guest imported_Europe

This story has been in the media here the last few days. Shit is no joke, I know a guy that made some good loot by doing two weeks time for a friend.


Rich Danish criminals pay stand-ins to serve sentences

By Julian Isherwood in Copenhagen

(Filed: 30/01/2004)


Lax security at Danish prisons is allowing criminals to hire impersonators to serve their sentences in their place. Wealthy felons have been exploiting Denmark's relaxed criminal justice regime under which there can be a period of months between a conviction and the start of a sentence.


During these gaps, as many as 100 doubles are believed to have been hired to present themselves at prison gates to stand in for the real prisoners, earning up to £100 a day.


The justice ministry launched an investigation yesterday into the scam disclosed by the Ekstra Bladet newspaper, which said an internal document circulated by the prison service showed widespread identity fraud.


"The prison service has told me that it definitely knows of six cases, but in the light of the disclosures of about a hundred a year, there have to be changes in the system," said Lene Espersen, the justice minister.


Mrs Espersen said the system was possible because prison authorities were not allowed to demand identity papers with pictures on them when admitting prisoners.


"Some prisoners simply say they don't have a passport or other form of identity papers. They are then interrogated, but people lie and get away with it," she said.


One of the bogus prisoners tracked down by Ekstra Bladet said it was "child's play" to take the place of a real inmate because prison authorities asked only to see a social security card - which does not bear a photograph - at the jail gates.

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History oft repeats itself.




Grover Cleveland, urbane, sometimes wise, and a future President of the United States, never served in the military during the Civil War. He was healthy, of the appropriate age, and educated. His Buffalo, New York, law practice provided him a comfortable living.


George Templeton Strong, urbane, sometimes wise, and always opinionated, never served in the Union army. He, too, was healthy, of the appropriate age, and educated. His New York City law practice provided him a comfortable income.


John D. Rockefeller, a Cleveland, Ohio, merchant, was also healthy and eligible to serve in the armed forces of the United States. He did not experience the Civil War in uniform.


These men, and many others, avoided military service by simply taking advantage of that section of the Enrollment Act of 1863 allowing draftees to pay $300 to a substitute who served for them. This amount, presumably a healthy sum in 1863, did not long remain the norm, for George Templeton Strong, pluckier than many of his contemporaries, paid a "big 'Dutch' boy of about twenty" $1,100 to be his "alter ego" in 1864.



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