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  1. krumping looks kinda cool, hey they dance waay better than me, but fuck the documentary comes off like a fucking big self serving david lachapelle jack off session. fuck that guy, and fuck using christina aguilera in the soundtrack
  2. dude, its a skull and crossbones, kaws didnt invent that.
  3. the game sounds absolutely retarded, but still not as retarded as the fact that it has been banned in australia. hahaha, what a deep well of stupidity.
  4. i want that sign in the background. that is the best name for paint ever.
  5. that shit is fucked up, i just img searched on google, there are tons of writers whose shit is being bitten, there is a COOL throwup in one screenshot that looks exactly like COLT 45. what a fucking chump, so is he giong to use his profits to start a legal advocacy group for writers that are caught? or campaign against draconian anti-graffiti laws? or just live like a fatcat and forget about the culture that he sold out.
  6. i fucking love bagels, they are almost impossible to find in australia though especially where i live. has anyone ever tried to make them? any advice? they cant be that hard right, just boil and bake?
  7. i fucking hate visigoths... ...and walloons, hate those motherfuckers.
  8. rescue 911 and unsolved mysteries really fucked with my head as a young child. i was certain that i would be involved in some horrible accident or mishap and then have a film crew trying to film me as people were trying to rescue me. and i figured that all the people on unsolved mysteries were desperate criminals who wanted the money in my piggy bank, so i set booby traps outside my door ala home alone.
  9. ugh, graf will get just as fucking retarded as skateboarding did when tony hawk's game came out. oh wow, a fucking lucrative commercial movie and video game deal about "fighting the system". you are a fucking retard marc, the media is the message. dont bother etching the ecko offices, but next time you see marc, punch him in the face for me.
  10. haha, great tactics, vilify and attack those that are already marginalised. that will surely stop the problem!
  11. word to Joker and Frate Raper, ive never really liked porn, i dont mind seeing some of the girls in the myspace thread, but all-out porn really grosses me out. im sure that i wil be called a "fag" for not mistreating "sluts" or enjoying seeing some poor girl getting dicks rammed into her. since porn existed it has just been continual pushing of boundaries until it has become something so far from erotic, it is fucking sadistic.
  12. i have been laughing all freaking day about this response. fucking hilarious.
  13. edit. fuck all that, guns really scare me.
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