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So I caught a tagger.....


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Said It Before


An I'll say it again---I got just as much right to my opinions as you have to yours. I do not believe in hitting anybody's private property. Gang tags are a straight up threat. They say "This is my territory and you are subject to being attacked." That message is absolutely NO DIFFERENT WHATSOEVER than some idiot racist spray-painting "KKK" on somebody's house. It's exactly, 100% the same thing.


My neighborhood has plenty of violence too. 99% of it is idiot gang bangers shooting each other over STUPID ASS NONSENSE BULLSHIT. There is absolutely no justification --NONE--for gang violence, any more than there is any justification for racist hate violence. The two are exactly the same.


Incidentally, gang banging has killed in excess of 20,000 young minority men and boys in the last ten years. The Ku Klux Klan, those miserable racist bitches, could not possibly have hoped to think up an idea that could take the lives of 20,000 young black and Latino men. You want to know who is behind genocide? THE GANGS ARE BEHIND GENOCIDE--they murder people over NOTHING.


I live in a racially mixed neighborhood. The people in my neighborhood, black and Latino, as well as white, hate and despise gangs. Every time I see a group of young men all wearing colors, all I see is Death or Prison in their futures. This neighborhood is not desperately poor, it is not hopeless, it is not in despair. These guys who join gangs and tag their messages of murder everywhere are just asking for it. They imagine somehow that they are the bad ass predators, when in actual fact, EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE.


They are making a choice, a very bad choice, a very destructive choice, and in the end, a selfish, hate-filled, criminal choice.


I enjoy graffitti as much as anybody. But I think it should be kept off personal property. Go hit a fucking freeway overpass or a factory wall, or a boxcar, whatever---just don't hit people's houses and shit. Around here, if you get caught by some homeowner while you're hitting his garage door or whatever, you just might get hurt. LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. They do not like being fucked with.

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Kabar, your comparison of gangs and the clan is some bullshit. Im too lazy to go into, look into my previous discussions about gang sociology. Basically gangs and its members, are results of social marginalization of people, the clan was the result of false white supremacist beliefs in place to keep the white working class from revolting and their narrowminded view of immigrants. But I can understand where youre coming from, I deal with a lot of these little assholes on the daily, Ive lost numerous familymembers and good friends from gang violence, I also have been jumped more than I can count, shot, shot at and stabbed by punk ass gangsters(I had a big mouth as a teen, plus I fit the average description of a gangmeber) so I feel your resentment.Basically it boils down to a police state that gives kids plenty of motivation to destroy their lives, and make anyone around them miserable. Many of these guys got bad blood, but there are numerous social and environmental factors that help a kid fo down the wrong path. Plus gang graffitti, writer graffitti, and racist graffitti are not related except that they all are various forms of vandalism.

One of my favorite ways to fuck with someone is to shit in a plastic bag and smear it on his house and door handle, or various areas. If you wanna be loco, beat him unconscious and tattoo blck power on his face.

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Re: Kes_One


Originally posted by KaBar

I'm not trying to be argumentative, but to the rest of the world, ANY kind of graffitti is just as offensive as swastikas and racist bullshit. Gang tags in particular are extremely offensive, and I've listened to some of my neighbors talk about shooting taggers for hitting their fences that face the big cross street. I'm not trying to justify it, but bottom line, writers write, regardless of whether or not the straight citizens don't like it. What, did you think they came out of their houses and said "Man! Is that Krylon? Shit--mad vivid colors, dat." [/b gun happy texans

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Guest ModelCitizen

Re: Said It Before


Originally posted by KaBar

There is absolutely no justification --NONE--for gang violence, any more than there is any justification for racist hate violence. The two are exactly the same.




Maybe your viewpoint lacks a little bit of perspective.

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If you can't see it, then you can't see it.


I have heard every lame-ass excuse for white racism that there is. It is indefensible.


I have also heard every excuse for gang banging and organized crime that there is. It ALSO is indefensible.


In both cases, the overweening mass majority of people just want to live their lives without being threatened, harmed, robbed or killed. They just want their children to be able to grow up in the neighborhood where they live, regardless of race, creed or color, without having to worry about whether or not some idiot is going to kill him while he rides his skateboard, or she shoots baskets at the local park.


They want to enjoy the house that they pay for, or the apartment that they rent, without worrying about stray bullets, kick invasions, narcotics trafficking or any of the rest of the harmful bullshit that comes along with criminal behavior.


The Ku Klux Klan has been active in Texas for years. Decent people are ashamed of them, their ignorant, hateful beliefs and their embarrassing behavior. In order to repress them, we would have to violate their Constitutional rights. If the State can repress the KKK, they can also repress the Boy Scouts, the Methodist Church, LULAC, Mensa, NAACP and so on and so forth. When they break the law, they are arrested and generally get hammered in Court. Texas prisons have many white racists incarcerated, but not for their stupid beliefs---usually because they are not only ignorant racists, but also rather stupid in the criminal department as well.


However, as I said above, they never HOPED to come up with an idea as murderous, destructive and hate-filled as gang banging. The proliferation of gangsta life is destroying the hope and ambition of hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of young black and Latino people. As malevolent as the racists are, they could never hope to kill and maim as many young minority people as gangsta culture has done. I read a report once that fairly screamed out that "over three thousand blacks were lynched between 1890 and 1940!" Three thousand? Shit, that's nothing compared to gangsta culture. The gangs probably murder three thousand young black men EVERY FUCKING YEAR, YEAR AFTER YEAR. And for what? NOTHING. The perpetuation of a culture of violence, race and class hatred, criminality, drug addiction, narcotics trafficking and glorification of the basest, most soulless values have served to nearly destroy many inner city neighborhoods. Somehow or another, this horror has become glamorized and objectified in the minds of many minority people. It is as if the white supremacist Klan philosophy and race-hate-rock somehow became the most popular youth culture in America, and young black men were running around wearing Klan robes and saying "Yeehaw, gimmee a chaw of that there Copenhagen."




And worse, if it doesn't change, it will spark a backlash, if it already has not done so.

Do NOT be so naive as to think that the Joe Six-Pack suburban Dads of the world are not capable of bringing that shit back on home. Believe me, regular 40-hours-a-week guys definately are capable of violence and aggression. I think they are just gritting their teeth and biding their time. Push comes to shove, they will defend their homes and neighborhoods. I have already heard my neighbors talking about how they will defend this neighborhood. It's definately possible. My advice is leave them alone--fucking with people is very hazardous.

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Fuck tagbangers, fuck racist bullshit, and fuck any writer with more ego than style.

As far as the constitutional protections of hate groups go that's fucking bullshit too. They should be charged with conspiracy to genocide and disbanded.

Yeah and fuck gangs too! Preying upon the weak like some damn vultures. They have no right to spread their misery. Should at least learn to focus their anger.

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