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anal bandit

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  1. anal bandit


    i fucking agree.............
  2. anal bandit

    wheres all the new posts at??

    tars and that fresh kiroe smog.....................................
  3. anal bandit

    The Great Freight Chase........

  4. anal bandit

    Would you pay $175...

    i would only go for free and i would go hang out by the bathroom when the really crappy people came out(missy elliot etc)i dont listen to any of those people though.
  5. anal bandit

    ...sick with desire...

    i also moved out of my home state to a place that had nothing for me.i miss my friends so much,the weather,and the females.i cant wait,im moving back in about 10 days.cali summer here i come.....................:P
  6. anal bandit


    i say you stop driving without a license,you are only digging yourself a huge hole.
  7. anal bandit

    THE BOSS>>>no more holding out...

    erupto veks gro................
  8. anal bandit

    whats n your pockets ?

    keys chapstick wallet mean streak scriber knife bus change i am not interesting...
  9. anal bandit

    stupidist purchase

    the worst feeling is going to the strip club getting really drunk getting kicked out,going to another strip club after that one,getting kicked out,waking up hung over realizing you dropped over two hundred bucks,lost your backpack full of lots of important shit ,not remembering where you left it and then getting drunk as fuck the next day and going again to the same two clubs.i am a fucking sucker!!!!it was hella fun though and i will never step inside one of those places again.and some stripper gave me her number stupid hoe probably thinks i have a lot of money i dont anymore after that weekend.total cost about three hundred and fifty bucks at least.now i need to work overtime to make up for it .
  10. anal bandit

    Beers at 7:22 am anyone?

    got home from work at 7:40 am and cracked my first beer,ill only drink a couple and go to sleep.a while back i was cracking forties of steel reserve and getting high ass fuck after work.i hate working nights...........
  11. anal bandit

    I quit graffiti.

    Do what you have to do if graffiti is going to get in the your way of a good career then thats fine.I dont like hearing people call graffiti childish though, especially when most of the people who tell me this used to do it and quit just to become even bigger losers or drug addicts.I used to hang out with about 15 writers daily who were all good friends,of those 15 about 4 still paint and only sometimes.Life changes people change and sometimes you have to know when to quit.Ive personally have been thinking bout quiting alot lately im tired of getting arrested ,of not telling my parents the truth about what i do and im tired of living the same lifestyle that ive been living for years its my vicious cycle.i want to have a career, to live in pure comfort, have a familiy one day and make my parents proud instead of bringing them constant grief(im always in jail and to show my parents that all the hardships that they went through in life to provide me with a better future weren't for nothing.This is just one side of the coin,these are things i want but dont do. I love graffiti i have loved it for way too many years and have been pretty heavily involved the whole time.i cant get it out of my mind im 70%of my day involves either thinking about graffiti or doing it.I do illegal graffiti every single day of my life it might just be a scribe or tag but every day.Its a part of me plain and simple.these reasons are why i cant just stop writing.so to end this extremely long ramble,life is full of choices and im sure you will live a much better life than those of us who cant stop or won't stop.and for those of you who say "ill be writing till the die i die"i extremely doubt it life will catch up.:(
  12. anal bandit

    area code 831 "santa cruz area"

    cool shit loving hype,the newer mobyshit,and that chez.
  13. anal bandit


    man you are a light weight,you got drunk off one of those?keep practicing dont give up, drink one of those every day until your tolerance goes up then drink two everyday,and so on and so forth until you can drink four or more daily.thats what i did and i bacame a raging drunk.andby doing this you will also get a lot on practice on trying to curehang overs.in reality i really did used to drink those like i described above and i really dont miss those days anymore........................but damn it they are just so cheap.....................
  14. anal bandit

    the I HATE... thread

    hang overs,being alone(in life in general not just being by myself)being stereotyped,my job,my apartment,not being able to paint more often,my physical conditions,and pussy ass wanna be gangsters.when i manage to block all those things out i actually feel pretty good