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  1. yea i lit some of my clothes on fire with that shit...no beef "ratster"
  2. ...you all get to fuckin serious about this and too complicated..have some fucking balls and kick this fucker in the nuts and dart...haha 2 a.m. and you see someone walking down the street with a grocery bag and boxes of cereal..not suspicious at all
  3. ahahahahahhhahah:D ...listen to ToYs
  4. ono and big nise...shits off the hook...i've never seen any ono blackbook
  5. yea thats pretty decent..i had trouble with getting straight letters to look good..stick with that shit
  6. haha.....SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID BITCH ASS MOTHER FUCKER..see you walkin the streets latenights and i'll fuckin run you over and slit your throat..:eek:
  7. pointless racking threads like this have no place in the yard. the moderators hate the shit anyway.
  8. i dont steal i killl..........
  9. these artists are making new songs with dead rappers....wasn't nas in some beef with tupac or some shit...
  10. the only tease thread hated by me would be the tickle me elmo one......i trip off shit like that
  11. he would send those kids.....that motherfucker
  12. haha....the whole thing is a cover-up. we never really got to the moon.
  13. shows great....gta3 shit he did and the r.kelly "remix" was great...can i piss on you
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