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  1. Internet locos. Both get their props.
  2. Adik- A real G, who puts in tons of hoodtime, and occasionally paints Adek- a cracker who, like the rest of yall, is a glorified grandmaster B But internet talk is cheap, Ill be toking it with homeboy in the projects with Malo and Silent, yall can jerk off to internet throwups. And Ralos gets up sick!
  3. I first met the Adik from LA in juvi back in 93'. I dont think a real project kid who most writers wish they were is fake. But he's the homie so Im biased. Mofo's a lot more of a real G than 99.999% of them out there, and homie was much more into hood dirt when I knew him. So what happend with that battle? I know adek got much more ups, but I know the LA/Adik has much more style, especially in peicing. Did they ever battle at a yard, and what ever came of that? Either way, both get props, they seem like G's in their own element.
  4. I made it a point to avoid any racial arguments after mapo burned me out with the that rhetorical bullshit. I must say though, that I think one good way to create a fully equal educational system(besides affirmative action) is to validify, and incorporate the histories and contributions all races have made to our culture and modern society. Then at least a few nonwhite kids can stop feeling like american education is pissing on their face. I mean like teaching about the accomplishments of the asian,african, and american peoples have made along with the Euro stuff we learn, I'd like more than a paragraph a year. It still is good that they uphold some affirmative action, but i would drop that parent alumni bullshit and give points for poverty to even the scale for the po white kiddies as well. I'd also like to note that racism was first used in the US and Europe to keep the poor divided rather than rioting. It was a huge success in the south with poor whites, and it has never truly been taken out of american society.Changes in laws or public policy doesnt annihilate a mindset of bigotry, it just allows for the abuse of ignorance as a scapegoat for prejudice( as demonstrated in this and other threads). Hopefully the global inequities we posess will come to an end in my lifetime, but then again I know a lot of people in the US and Europe would be assed out(of the pale complexion,inside or out). To stop exascerbating the whole race card, Id liike to say that among most conscious people it really isnt about race, either youre a nigga-spic-gook-mick whatever, or youre a cracker, I'd break bread with any poor englishman before any colin powell, if you get me.
  5. Thats some missplaced priorities right there. Hmmm.... Ill ignore all these Huge problems we should address in favor of listening to a few billionare thieves bitch about the money theyre losing. Jesus, will all these politicians and businessmen be happy when they have complete control of our money in this supposed democracy?
  6. Esai

    Father's Day

    My father's in folsom. I painted my stepdad a picture, he really liked it cuz it's all low rider'd out. For fathers day and my bday combo, my wife took me and my buddies to my favorite strip club. It was cool although someone stole a birthday present of cazadores tequila from me,but it was still fun, I have the dopest wife. My family got me a years supply of clothes ie- 2 collared shirts and a bag full of swapmeet underwear and tshirt packs, what a good fathers day!
  7. Does anyone have any flicks of the adek/adik battle in the east bay. I remember seeing a lot of that stuff in Berkeley. Adek got up a lot more but adik had better style from what I saw. I randomnly met both of those guys, both seemed cool. So was BTM from seattle or san francisco?
  8. You must be pretty stupid, or at least lack the ability to connect things mentally. I say this because after I point out the posisitives of these people, and the reasons why I feel the prosecution of illegal immigrants is unneccessary, you complain that I didnt address this and ask me a question I just answered, I then list statistics and where I got them from(UCLA,USC,UCB sociology reports, US dept of justice, census) Look them up yourself, Im too lazy to guide you by your hand. Now The Bush adm. has stopped all the immigration talks with mexico since 9/11 so this subject is irrelevant. Secondly, the honorable Lamar smith is a conservative judge with a history of manipulating facts to serve their purpose, as most do. It is quite funny to me that you would choose quotes rather than look up real studies using inbiased scientific process. The amounts they factored in manipulate the truth by: low estmates of immigrant contribution and population estimates for what they give the US but then these same population estimates are jumped up so they can skyrocket the amount of $$$ that we spend on immigrants, this is manipulative politics, not scientific study that is objective. plus this estimate includs the $$ spent on the border, which are the decisions of politicians, not immigrants. This goes for the rest of your quotes as well, they hold no weight because they are manipulated by biased organizations. If you really want statistics go to college libraries and look into the census and justice department statistics, not some rants by rush limbaugh that were used in a house debate. Now the michelle malkin thing I was talking about was the fact that she recieves contributions from right wing christian conservatives who also support segregation and the KKK. Plus, just read her shit, she talks about how mexicans are destroying the "culture" of america. This is pussy slang for racist attitudes, as if Latino culture isnt an essential piece of american culture, as it has been since the louisiana purchase. I forget the name of the christian group and Im not gonna waste my time looking for it. You NEVER addressed my other statements about how immigrant urban revitalization. Or the fact that a majority use traditional cures over doctors. Or how immigrants make up a huge chunk of our military. Or the fact that immigrants provide the labor that keeps our products cheap, and how they fill the gap of labor in positions that no one wants(farmworkers,housecleaners,etc). You should be mad at the politicians that make a big deal out of this while theyre fucking up our economy for the rich, rather than the peoplethat clean your house, work, and schools and provide cheap products for stupid fucks like yourself. If you want to argue intillectually, dont act stupid used proven facts, not your opinion and quotes from people. But Im sick of arguing with your liar whiteboy ass, so you can have the last word if you want, I dont care anymore. ANd to set the rcord straight, the indians were inhabitants of american when europeans invaded it, they didint appreciate this therefore making all europeans illegal. Indains had govts and laws(Iroquoi Conf is what our constitution is made after) and whites constantly broke them. On the subject of pollution, almost every tribe had a belief and rule about keepin an equilibrium with nature, which is another rule whites broke. And dont even start with that bullshit about killing mastadons and sabertooothed tigers, none of it has any scientific merit, just like your arguments chump.
  9. From like 91 to 96 I used to go to a lot of DP's and kickbacks around east and south LA. Ive seen sevral fights turn into gunfire. I remember highschool had some good hoodrat fights. In one of my classes this small pregnant filipina chick beat the shit out of this chola, and the pregnant girl's stomach was huge, plus I was in the front row of the class so it was a very good position to see the whole fight unfold. Hands down the winner for biggest fight has to be LA county jail, In the dorm I was in, which had about 200 packed, the whole room would start swinging and bumrushing each other, mainly Southsiders and the blacks, but the woods and paisas roled with the Sur during riots. I jumped on this giant black dude who was wailing on a guy half his size. I held on to his neck and hit him until he went down. Other than that it was straight pushing bunks into fools. That was such a surreal experience, it was like straight chaos. Kenr's war video has a pretty good fight, fool gets straight bombed on.
  10. Most of my arguments dont even need quotes or sources, just your own 2 fucken eyes. Like I said, go to any major urban area and youll see thriving latino/asian business where there wasnt shit a decade or 2 ago. Also youll notice many ethnic doctors and herbal cure stores, this is why most immigrants dont use public medical facilities, most county hospitals suck dick anyways, its a last resort. To tone it down a bit, I will agree on 1 thing, I dont agree with people coming over here strictly to soak up social sevices, but that is an extremely tiny fraction of illegal immigrants here. But that is all Ill agree with you on, and even though I dont appreciate this behavior, if my sister or daughter was gonna die of some crazy disease that I knew wouldnt be cured in my 3rd world country, you better bet your ass Id be packing my bags for a 200 mile treck over the border pronto, and youd either be a liar or heartless to say you wouldnt do the same. Now before you waste yourtime typing all the nonsense from the young republican website remember where and what my statistics are and come from. They are general estimates and percentages, that in no way are manipulated to suit my beliefs ie- a 1% crime rate is exactly what it is, the percentage of crime committed by illegal people contrasted to the total population of immigrants. Pulling some bullshit # out of some conserVATIVE THINK TANK like we spend $50 miilion a year on immigrants is an easily manipulatable number. On it's own it seems like we spend a lot(which is a common conservative trick) but in comparison to the $5 billion immigrants pay in sales taxes, or the $100 billion we spend on healthcareless citizens, it becomes extremely miniscule. But I bet you dont get what i mean. And youll come running with some bullshit quote from pat buchanan or a statistic from stoptheinvasion.com and think this will stand up to verified info from national institutions and universities. So bring on the ridiculous bullshit I am expecting.
  11. Hey lying whiteboy mapo, where's your stats bitch? Where's your info and resources? Ive had to do several papers on this subject, if you want to find my sources look up the dept of justice, the US census, usc ucla and UCB sociology dept. studies, not some stupid cracker bitch's opinion, youll find these same stats punk. What have you come with?youre stupid ass opinion based on what? bullshit. You really are a bitch ass pussy, when I come at you with valid facts and stats all you do is assume theyre false, and keep your ignorant mouth shut on the fact that you cant deny all the positives of immigrants. Even without the numbers I gave you, the effects of revitalization that immigrants have built is a huge plus, and the fact that they rarely use social services proves that they dont deserve the publicity that clowns like you bitch about. Get the fuck out of here with your stupid ASS trying to act calm and carry on an intelligent discussion, then when I school you up you resort to pussy ass tactics which shows me the bitch you really are. But beyond the dissing your stupid ass, give me some solid facts and figures, so I CAN continue proving you wrong.
  12. Id like to bump this and further enlighten anyone reading about other positive benefits of so called "illegal aliens". These people account for 10% of our military population, compared to 4% of our national population. Many of these men and women were killed in the recent war in Iraq, I remember 3 from LA I saw on the news recently who were given their citizenship at the funeral ceremony. One of my highschool homeboys had been here illegally since he was 3, he fought in the war as a navyman, his parents own a bakery and all his family were naturalized eventually, but they still recieve illegal familymembers constantly, who work for his parents. This is a well established family who has continuously gievn money to the community and our gov't whether legal or illegal. These are all further examples of why the illegality of many people is absurd, they are people like you or me. Most large cities in the US(including in florida) have inner city and suburban neighborhoods that have been revitalized by the influx of foreign(and generally illegal) populations. Decaying dead boulevards are now thriving marketplaces generating jobs, taxable revenue, and inexpensive goods and services where there was once an empty mess made by short sighted public policy and corporate greed. Here in LA, tons of neghborhoods have been drastically changed for the better by illegal immigrants, including my own, which actually is more shaped by asian immigration rather than latin american,but either way chicago, new york, shit any big fucken city is being reincarnated by the influx of immigrants, generally Latino or Asian but also of african, european, caribean, west and central asian,etc. SO quit that nonsense mapo about what a negative they are, you still dont know shit just because you read some book by some racist cracker,which is probably what you yourself bitch.h
  13. No kidding Pres, but Im bored so I will I thought I pretty much addressed these issues, you must be pretty dense. 1. Most immigrants come to this country for a better life and to work hard. Illegal immigrants contribute to between 10 and 18% of domestic capital(wall st.,UCLA). Thye also pay taxes, sales tax is an example, all together it is estimated illegal immigrants pay 5-10 billion dollars in taxes a year while gnerally not recieving representation or services. 2and 3. A extremely tiny portion of illegal aliens are criminals or severely ill. The disease excuse is a joke since you must be healthy to make the stressful treck across the border, which is extremely physically demanding. Also, a vast majority of these people opt for traditional cures and private medical services(cheap mexican, vietnamese doctors) rather than crumbling dangerous social medical institutions. The instances you mention are random events that are sensationalized by the media because this topic catches the attention to stupid asses like yourself. The estimated population of illegal people is between 8-15 million in the US. The arrest rate for them is 80,000 or under 1% compared to the 4% arrest record for whites and 12% arrest record for blacks, maybe you should pack your bags. Ive made y case with valid facts and statistics from valid universities. These are general statistics and there are plenty more to back them up. Your argumants are based on opinion, or if anything obscure information manipulated to fit an agenda. The fact that the book authr and websites are linked to org's that are involved with the KKK and prosegregation groups shows a racist motive you fucken moron. What are you 15 or just fucken stupid?
  14. Mapo, you make me sick.I felt naucious after realizing what you are. You should be ashamed of yourself thinking that someone's immigration status should dictate whether they live or die. Not to mention that illegal immigrants pay taxes through sales tax, and deserve welfare or anything else a american citizen deserves. But anyways, address the facts Ive stated to you, it seems like you were just waiting to respond without addressing my points. So go ahead, and think before you talk, and back up your statements with some facts, otherwise your rants are illogical bullshit. Oh yeah, I looked up those bullshit websites, do you know several organizations listed donate money to the KKK and support segregation? Either way, Ill bute my tongue to stop dissing you, just think about what I said and prepare a real argument, not the bullshit youve come with so far.
  15. Yeah, I remember the yay area being pretty shocking to me when I first moved up there, And I thought west hollywood was gay! The 1st night I went bombing, me and my buddy were going back to the east bay when we saw what looked like a rave south of the bridge in frisco, then we noticed it was all guys in mesh shirts and leather pants. We were laughing and about to roll off when these 2 guys hit us up for some sex, we were chill and told them no and they fucken pulledout their dicks. I was too shocked to respond but my buddy happened to be packing a piece(we were bombing mission and I thought it was as bad as eastlos), so he flashes it at them and they ran screaming like little girls. That shit was fucken trippy, and it made me feel gross inside. I guess thats how girls feel around perverts. Either way, Let them have their pride day, as long as they aint violating me, I have no beef with gay people. Although flamers annoy me, just like drama chicks, too much of a show to deal with. I notice that non flamboyant homosexuals are pretty cool people, although I must admit I get a little wierded out being alone with a gay dude, I think he might rush me or some shit, I guess it's hard to break away from narrowmindedness.
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