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BENEFIT is one of my favourite mcs just check out the rhythmic flow of the lyrics to his classic (that you all haerad a million times iam sure SO SICK



Thats my verse disperses

Is the worst curses

A person hurts worse

Than the first versions

Privacy purse ?

I walk around the underground

As a powerful thundersound

Wearing the low down profound

Lyrical under crown

Advanced listening wrestling

With pressure expressions

And stepping in as a special specimen

Fresher than freshman

Obvious overdosage

Coasted it over oceans

With explosive posts flyer

Than your promotional posters

Skillfully killing willfully drilling

Syllable spillings

Fealing really upsettable

Bitting this edible stealy

Walking around the planet

Rocking the ground like granite

Cocking my sound cannon

Stopping the sound famine

Deliberate inconsiderate etiquette

Benefits belligerence

Spitting shit like laxative excrement

Dove in a frozen ocean

Fell low below rostin

The one chosen who rose

Exposin the flow erosion


[Chorus] x4

So nice that its nasty

So bangin its bustin

So sweet that its sick

So dope its disgustin


I lead an expedition

In vision and competition

In a prison when deliverin

Wither and ryme litterin

Givin in and never endeavoring

Ever clever however

Bringing it whether to gather

The wrong solo feathers

Sicker than liquor and medicine

Burnin and blisterin

Leave your life flickering quicker

Than strobes your trippin in

The higher points its style anoints

With no delivery ointment

Or point with us like jointed

Presidential appointments

Flashin full fashionable

Ration lyrical passion

Below ?

Burning trash flows

And watching ash grow

Belittling with little men

Livin in oblivion

Try batteling imagining

Then hyper with adrenaline

Simply deranged brain

Exchange pain for game

Rearrange a frame the strange

Plain pattern with slain

Bigger badder and better

Than all of your gold and cheddar

Would spread a wing like medicine

Men with ancient tribal letterin


Repeat [Chorus]


Benefit: Sick Sick So sick

I'm sick, sick, sick

Benefit: Sick Sick So sick

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holly shit.. i COMPLETETLY forgot about him.. i had some of his songs that i burned long time ago on napster..but i had my cd case stolen.. whoa.. he is really good... doesnt he produce his own shit? what about that one song just about napster..i liked that one tooo... word..now that song 'so sick' is my head.. ahhh i gotta go redownload some of his shit..THANKS :king:


oh yeah and i love how he says disgustin.. har

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Benefit is dope.... Also peep out Scram Jones.... hes sick 2.... Whats up w/ all the Eastern COnference (cage and copy) Demigod beef. 7L and Esoteric even have a dis song on their web site

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Originally posted by fatbastard

Thats my verse disperses

Is the worst curses

A person hurts worse

Than the first versions

Privacy purse ?...




as my verse disperses

the worst curses

a person hurts worse than

the first virgins privacy purse burstin


i walk around the underground as a powerful thundersound

wearing the low down profound lyrical wonder crown

advanced listening wrestlin with pressure expressions

and steppin in as a special specimen

fresher than freshman

obvious overdosage

coasted it over oceans

with explosive posts flyer than your promotional posters

skillfully killing

willfully drilling

syllable spilling...


well yea i dont feel like typing out the rest

but bottom line is that benefit is good stuff


save the princess quick! because she wants the dick

and if you set her free you get the pus.sy

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Guest Jae Rotn

droppin lines like a clumbsy coke head...


yea benefit is defenantly ill,i just dont know whats up with puttin eminem on one of his tracks like hes down with him or somthin.

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Thanks to internet piracy, the music industry has seen a slump in sales for the third straight year in a row...

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Originally posted by villain

Thanks to internet piracy, the music industry has seen a slump in sales for the third straight year in a row...



Good, mother fuckers like Ja Rule make to much money anyways!!!

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Yeah this guys good. I liked the song Supreme alot as well as the mario song and midget song. Also the beat to the Napster song was off the hook. Someone mentioned Scram Jones, I like that guys shit too - "Let the Music Play On."

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proceed with caution was song i heard 10 minutes before i got robbed.i should have seen it coming:(




other than that that song is his best track.Benefit is dope,his battle tracks are dope to like benefit vs. comflexx and benefit vs. gi

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Benefit was born up North but has moved over 22 times in his 22 years living. For the latter majority of his life he's lived in Florida, where he currently attends a University. Throughout his unstable childhood he found himself always inspired by music. In 1986 for Christmas he received a boom box, and the two tapes Run DMC - Raising Hell, and The Fat Boys - The Fat Boys Are Back. That point in his life would begin a never ending fascination with Hip Hop.


As Benefit grew, so did his appreciation for creativity and culture. Moving to different cities, and attending a number of extremely different schools planted a deep seeded understanding of diversity in his young mind.


While he matured, life threw many harsh realities in his path. Forever curious, he learned quickly from the abandonment, loss, and death that followed him. These experiences would teach him lessons more important than anything he could learn in school.


It wasn't until he was about 14 that he began to write down his ideas and life experiences as lyrics and orchestrate his self expression in the culture he valued so highly. Hip Hop consumed him, and soon he wasn't content with only taking part in the verbal aspects of it. The technological revolution of the early nineties had made it feasible for an individual to use a personal computer to create electronic music. Benefit realized this very early and began to teach himself how to make beats using a linear wave editor on a PC.


Once he had a decent amount of production work done, he began entering biweekly battles at "The Landz" where he would go on to be the consistent undefeated champion of every contest. It was suddenly clear that people were really feeling what he was creating. His style and sense of reality gave people what was lacking in the poppy fantasized rap they saw on TV. As Benefit finished high school and began college, he started writing, producing, and recording songs in his spare time. All of this was done using a $5 mic, and a $12 soundcard. This collection of work would unexpectedly catapult his name and ideas into the culture he loved, almost over night.


When he had unintentionally finished enough songs to fill up a CD, he decided to give the collection to a couple of people and see what their response would be. The reaction he got was far more enthusiastic than he had ever imagined. The people he had shown his music to, showed their friends, and their friends showed their friends, and suddenly the music which was never intended to be an album, rapidly spread by word of mouth, across the nation.


Since the response was so powerful, Benefit decided to set up a small web site with information about the collection of work, which had now become a self titled album, and an opportunity for people to purchase it. He began receiving letters from all over the United States, and surprisingly all over the world as well. Unexpectedly letters were coming in from all over Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The same technological revolution that had produced the PC Benefit created his Hip Hop on, had also produced the Internet, which spread his creative vision across the globe.


With absolutely no promotion at all, Benefit's self titled release grew to become a world wide phenomena in independent hip hop. People who were captivated by the foolishness of the commercial rap industry heard Benefit's work and began to value true hip hop. Young emcees found a new inspiration and realized their voices could be heard around the world as well. People who didn't even listen to hip hop were captured by the collection of music and began to look at hip hop in a new more respected light. All of this was achieved by utilizing only $17 worth of equipment, and creating hip hop music from the depths of a reality riddled soul. Torn between the desire of his family for him to finish college, and his passion for music, Benefit continued balancing both, and in doing so neglected any effort to promote his album. Still his following continued to grow.


By the summer of 2000 the Internet revolution had made it possible for people to get an artist's album free in mp3 format, and the music industry was furious. The same major labels who were getting rich off of poor quality music and ignorant rap artists, were now losing profits due to trading of mp3's through software like Napster. Chuck D of the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy took it upon himself to use his voice to protect our right to trade digital information online. In conjunction with his web site rapstation.com, Napster and Chuck D sponsored a contest where an emcee would make a track expressing their support for Napster and free information trade. The power was given to the people, and they were able to vote for the winner, who would then receive $5000. More than 800 emcees entered the contest, including Benefit. When Chuck D heard Benefit's entry he immediately told his manager he knew Benefit's was by far the best. When the contest ended and the votes were all counted, it wasn't even close. Benefit had won the $5000 by thousands of votes.


He used his prize money to begin building his professional studio, and further his music, but the promotion the contest gave him was much more valuable than the $5000. Millions of people used Napster, and now Benefit's name was displayed on the software for every user to see, and hear music from. A year after his debut release had exploded in the underground hip hop scene, it was elevated to a new level with the help of Chuck D and Napster. Still Benefit focused on college, and put no effort in promoting his work, and still his music promoted itself.


Now with a soon to be classic release in the works, Benefit is building his label, delivering dope production work to hungry artists, and preparing an unparralleled album in an effort to bring Hip Hop out of its slump and into its rightfully deserved position. Look for the new release at the end of the summer.








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i used to get down with some benefit, not any more really though...the mario song and the one about napster were good...

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I exchanged emails with that guy when I had some questions about a couple of his beats a long while back.


His new cd is almost done if not done already...i havnt been following up on it...


If you wanna find out more about him and his work..check out his website IDELIBILITY.

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