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  1. Basic

    Hate your neighbors.

    all my neighbors are cool except the ones behind us have these loud as fuck domestic arguments that go on into the night, then the baby cries then the 3 german shepards get their bark on until someone throws something solid and the police are called to break it up, which results in more yelling. good times
  2. Basic

    R.I.P. Krie

    Rest In Peace
  3. Basic


    drunk as shit! and still more to come
  4. Basic

    This thread is for Gangsters

    the real uncle chop chop
  5. Basic

    shit that pisses on you

    slow walkers ringtones plutonic relationships with ultra attractive women most tv CCTV faggy neighbors with shitty loud exhausts on there crappy commodores cramps lungs thats sting lack of beer
  6. Basic

    mash out posseeeeeee

    MOP and g unit? please someone tell me this is a joke I'ma kill em before I duck em Because yo, mother made em, mother had em and muthafuck em
  7. Basic

    How hot is it where you be at?

    adelaide australia fucking cold
  8. Basic

    "We Don't Do That In This House"

    "those are for school lunches....so are they....and those..."
  9. Basic

    Best Beer

    ^^^ Ah the silver pillow of doom good times , bad times
  10. Basic

    Teh Martial Arts thread

    capoeira and wing chun kung fu. and a bit of muay thai a while ago
  11. Basic

    Ever seen anyone faint?

    i fainted once, it was a really hot day and i was real dehydrated i was walking past a table and everything just kinda went fuzzy and i couldnt see or really feel anything , i herd myself hit the table and then that was it , woke up a minute later feeling pretty sideways
  12. Basic

    Best Beer

  13. Basic

    *_____"Yo! This place is bommmmmmbed!"____*

    Fuckin'..What the fuckin..Who the fuck..Fucked this fuckin'..How did you two fuckin' fucks....FUCK! Well, that certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.
  14. Basic


    all they do is fucking talk! i could do that shit , give me a beat and ill just talk about what i did yesterday and itll be the same . hate on