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  1. Dent hit some shit up that I drive by on my way to work. Thanks for the scenery.
  2. I believe that that MY is Myze or whatever, not myner or myer.
  3. Stop posting pictures of people or their houses, you nut hangers.
  4. That goner under the retarded scribble is hot.
  5. It's an interesting concept. I don't know if I'll actually get a revolution or have any amount of fun with a controller setup like that, but it is giving developers a chance to create some new, original games that take advantage of the technology. Console games have been getting pretty stale lately. I read somewhere that you can use the controller resting on your knee, and that it's not like you're swinging and flailing the controller around in the air. On a side note, "Revolution" might be the production code word. It hasn't been confirmed that it will ship with that name.
  6. The old sear (ack?) once called my house and challenged me to a battle on metro trains. I shit you not.
  7. That doesn't look like Tale.
  8. Good music is good music. Can you point me in the direction of something that isn't trendy so I can be cool like you? Side note, I haven't been really into a jedi album since VBD. Their concerts are still fucking dope though. LOB was pretty decent I guess. Stoupe is a genius though.
  9. Hell fucking yes. Word. p.s. There's another VA thread? Gay.
  10. It was Ikon the Verbal Hologram. He is nice. He is very large also. They are coming to DC this month with Immortal Technique and Outerspace.
  11. Game rocks. Very addicted to hl2 and halo2.
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