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  1. everyones so concerned with the children - what the fuck are you worried about, they're not getting married. Use a rubber and fuck your cousin
  2. When I was growing up Simpsons re-runs were on UPN like 3 times a day and I think I watched all of them every week - the show is solid fucking gold
  3. Best Science Fiction film: Brokeback Mountian.
  4. Best ever. This and the Raiders.
  5. Fishscale is mad shiny, like a fishscale. An ounce of Curtis?! Come ons
  6. Has this been posted? Mad funny, I guess they just scraped together all the footage and are blasting it out - with dave or not. This new season is sure to be full of catchprases and oneliners to be epicly adopted by shithead college students. LOOKIT!!
  7. KING OF HELL: Doesnt one of your boys wirte spek, even though there was a well respected NYC writer SPEK BTC(Rip). I wonder if you have had this same conversation with your boy as well? Seeing as it seems to be a fairly big issue for you, people writing the same name and all, I wonder if you attacked the local problem with as much zeal as you are on here? Maybe Boston is exempt from the rules, maybe its being a moderator. Just curious is all.
  8. Its different, thats that. It's like Jersey Hairmetal turds arguing with conneticuit wiggers about which is better, val halen or dipset.
  9. What happened to that dude fierce, anything new from him?
  10. poopy dog


    I remeber biter did some "them boys kill" old english shit on the computer, got that to post?
  11. This is the rest of the list Safest Most Dangerous 1 Newton, MA 1 Camden, NJ 2 Clarkstown, NY 2 Detroit, MI 3 Amherst, NY 3 St. Louis, MO 4 Mission Viejo, CA 4 Flint, MI 5 Brick Twnshp, NJ 5 Richmond, VA 6 Troy, MI 6 Baltimore, MD 7 Thousand Oaks, CA 7 Atlanta, GA 8 Round Rock, TX 8 New Orleans, LA 9 Lake Forest, CA 9 Gary, IN 10 Cary, NC 10 Birmingham, AL 11 Colonie, NY 11 Richmond, CA 12 Fargo, ND 12 Cleveland, OH 13 Irvine, CA 13 Washington, DC 14 Orem, UT 14 West Palm Beach, FL 15 Dover Twnshp, NJ 15 Compton, CA 16 Warwick, RI 16 Memphis, TN 17 Sunnyvale, CA 17 Dayton, OH 18 Hamilton Twnshp, NJ 18 San Bernardino, CA 19 Parma, OH 19 Springfield, MA 20 Canton Twnshp, MI 20 Cincinnati, OH 21 Greece, NY 21 Oakland, CA 22 Simi Valley, CA 22 Dallas, TX 23 Coral Springs, FL 23 Newark, NJ 24 Port St. Lucie, FL 24 Hartford, CT 25 Centennial, CO 25 Little Rock, AR
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