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Guest L.RonHubbard

A wasted discussion....

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Guest L.RonHubbard

Xylene2020: u called her?...hahahha

RowdyBlackMale: i called her

RowdyBlackMale: yea

RowdyBlackMale: she called back and asked who it was

RowdyBlackMale: i told her it was chris and she hung up

Xylene2020: damn

Xylene2020: bummer

RowdyBlackMale: hahahah

Xylene2020: but thats soo funny

Xylene2020: at least u got a good laugh

RowdyBlackMale: i didnt

RowdyBlackMale: but brown did

Xylene2020: oh man im going to hell

Xylene2020: my dog was sleeping in the bathroom...and since im wasted i took advantage a little and i pissed on it while it was asleep

Xylene2020: but just a little

RowdyBlackMale: jajajaja

RowdyBlackMale: your gonna regret that shit sucker

Xylene2020: why?

Xylene2020: no im not

RowdyBlackMale: yea you are

RowdyBlackMale: hahahhaha

RowdyBlackMale: thats mean

RowdyBlackMale: hahhahha

Xylene2020: oh really

RowdyBlackMale: just playin its hilarious

Xylene2020: oh ...i know

Xylene2020: thats what stupid puppy gets mother fucker

Xylene2020: delv rules whilst the dog sucks an ass

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Guest L.RonHubbard
Originally posted by Pistol

Scientology could really help you out.



Im the ill scientologist foo...and oh yea and earlier tonight i had a girl wearing tight tan stretch pants bendin over tellin me how she loved souls of mischeif

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Guest juniormints

this is the best post ive ever seen .................this is what fucking graffitti is all about you fucking toys.........rock and rock and rock...........................THE FUCK ON

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