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  1. blame


    mick jagger? i remember pamela anderson said in an interview she full felt him. but that was years ago. and on the plus side, i'm really into dolly parton.
  2. making fun of australians was soooooo may/june/july :rolleyes:
  3. blame

    Recommend a song

    Anything by dolly parton. And i'm not being funny.
  4. I'm about 99% sure, but anyhow he is australian iam 100% sure of that, but so am I. But i think thats a completely different story
  5. not a lot but this really isnt about me. is it?
  6. i can be that "cool calm and collected" guy when i want to. and in this case, i think i want to
  7. But in this case it most certainly wasn't genuine.
  8. sometimes people forget they're talking to writers
  9. please keep your posting to a minimum. this is so zeezee all over again
  10. blame


    darl can i ask what purpose you have on this board? did your frined "dopes" or "sniper" do a tag with white-out on your school book? is that your connection with graffiti
  11. that band where those guys do that thing, and like they wear those clothes that dont look that good and like dont have much talent. THOSE GUYS SUCK!!
  12. when excersizing daily make sure not to skip a day no matter what ALWAYS stick to your routine....ALWAYS skipping a day becomes skipping two days, then you make excuses for why you cant do it this week...
  13. being broke responsibility
  14. whatyou can do wake up at 2 in afternoon everyday eat mayonaise off your chest with a spoon while watching tv (works best if your chest is hairy. walk the streets and your house aimlessly
  15. Re: Re: Re: Re: THE DC SERIAL SNIPER THREAD i wouldnt say dumbass jackass would be more appropriate
  16. dude your seriously messed up a veteran and now your making figgin animated jifs saying your first what do you do all day?:crazy: :D ;)
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