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  1. I read all that and it was kinda interesting... But him not driving to observe a Jewish holiday is some bullshit, when he doesn't mind selling drugs to people. As was told to me... "One cannot be both righteous and wicked at the same time, the Devil doesn't go to Church" But I enjoyed reading that. *edit* Thinking back, I'll give him an A for effort, I don't know dude, but I know atleast he's tryin.
  2. "I don't know what I'm looking at, but it's gettin fucked up"
  3. Mase became popular because awhile back that's when Harlem was clickin, he was Murda Mase and ran with Camron, Big L, Cardan, and he had that flow to him, that persona about him. He carried himself well, I never really liked dude and I still don't but yea, the way he presented himself had people buying into his shit, he used to have a laid back, I don't give a fuck, witty flow but he strayed. Ask fabolous. As for Jadakiss, he's got a nice style/delivery and he carries himself well to that's why he's known... "You know what I'm about when I run up in the house put the gun up in ya mouth and get the money out the couch, hearin you out is senseless, perhaps for instance, I give this faggot a french kiss, black gloves no prints an dark tints, word on the street they ain't heard from him since..." I think that's how it went, not sure I forget. But the flow on that is real defined and falls nice on the ears. "Even tho you seen me in an outta your house, there's no way she could have a baby outta her mouth" People like to here shit like that. Reminds me of, Nas, I think Nas is fake as fuck, I think he's a sellout and in general, even tho I don't know him personally I don't like him as a person. But he's got that fuckin flow. One of my favourite verses by him is of eye for an eye, on infamy (my favourite mobb deep joint), his flow is on point. seeking yea I feel you on that. I already forgot he came out with that C True hollywood stories bullshit. I don't know what that was about.
  4. Seeking you fuck with Canibus? You seem like an intelligent dude so I figured you might like him. That's where I got my quote from, even tho I dont think circularized is a word... But the shit about the Library of Alexandria is on point/interested. He's a fuckin smart dude, I like his approach
  5. http://www.makeoutclub.com/videos/omg.mpg
  6. iCEBERGOneR It's doesn't work. Not for me anyways.
  7. iCEBERG

    is it ok to be gay?

    nah, between like 7 people a bi-level executive deluxe hotel room and whatever else, like pets allowed and shit, you can take your dog to chill for the night if you wanted too, etc... is only around 60$ each. Which means if you have a 100$ to spare or you've just been savin it up, you have 40$ left to spend, 30$ on some Grey Goose or Old English or whatever, 10$ on apple cranberry and some condoms. Then I guess you could use the change floatin around on some pizzas. Everyone spends around 100$ and everybody eats like they should. Unless you throw in some extra money to eat right. It's feasible if you plan for it ahead and almost everyone has a source of income one way or another, you just gotta start doing shit now.
  8. iCEBERG

    is it ok to be gay?

    nadda, tryin to book a hotel room for new years. I'm lookin to book a room within the week at some classy 5 start hotel to relax in with some of my boys and some females. But yea that's it, just chillin, movin on up... movin on up... relaxin, haven't been partying or anything really. Like once a month takin out a nice room and doing what we've been doing. I'm growin up, no more crammin into someones escort to go to some corny party across the city just to get into some shit as soon as we walk through the door. Now we'll just be knockin out old rich couples while puking into their jacuzzis and wiping off our mouths on their fuckin minks while grabbin their daughters ass. :lol:
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