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  1. He lives on in a much better place! Scott lived a short life, although it appears he touched the lifes of many. It is rewarding to read the comments of all his friends and see how he lives on. He is missed more than anyone can imagine .... a father should never experience the loss of a son. Now that he is gone there no doubt that he enjoyed the life that he lived. It is rewarding to know that he gave more than he took and left the world a better place than when he arrived. In the end he was the organ donor that his loggin expressed. Because of Scott others can now see through his eyes, feel the presence of his skin and enjoy the strength of his bones. Bless each of you and my you find peace in your lifes. R. Scott Trotter's Father
  2. i wouldn't take money to listen to that album.
  3. it's been a while... all caught withing the last ... ferz-auto vatoe/hoacs-auto lyes-csx waffle ansiq-cn motevs-gt lyes/sigh/phone-ns thik-cr bingo/cobra-ns
  4. that first heist is bangin... and i have to mention my man tead
  5. hey no comply any info on that wafl? have to check the digi for a list from my last time benching...i know there was a lyes/sigh/phone and i think cobra/ghouls not too sure though caught a coupeone almost e2e and a old black white black white hope and ?can't remember today at the train crossing
  6. that last coupe is the most bestest coupe i have ever done saweded.
  7. this post is out of control
  8. way too many good pieces to even start listing. that is a really good smoking joe catch, don't usually see anything beside the basic.
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