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Guest --zeSto--

welcome to 12OZ CRIBS

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Guest --zeSto--

Where do today's brightest fourm members go for a little rest and relaxation? Nowhere else but home. Let 12OZ's Cribs take you on exclusive tours through the domestic sanctuaries that some of our most favorite taggerists call home.


First we have the Front Gates. MrRaven's looking for more than a firewall.


You can see the Rookies waiting to get inside.


Here's VinylJunkie's room... note the pimp walking stick.



You'll often find Tesseract and Mr.ABC chillin in the Library



This room is reserved for Makros... the dungeon!



Looks like Mental's ready for his nap time!



this room's just too cool to leave out



In the board room you can see the Elites are having a lunch meeting.



and finally... we keep this trailor out back for special guests.





joint us next week for a tour of ese's 7-11 and zesto's hippie squat.

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The house round back where we keep blink and jeff123456 tied up....



ese's famed 7-11..........



The barn where god knows what happens........



The garage where Pistol parks his cars.....


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Guest --zeSto--

WORD! yoda styles!


Here's the Mall food court where tease picks up teenage girls.



Here's the bus terminal where Tease goes looking for runaway girls.



this is where all of tease's love letters to inmate women end up.



you like that man?:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest --zeSto--

^ thanks!



to continue the tour....


Here's the Holodeck where ElMamerro concieves his mecha creations.



we keep this guy out back


Europe and fr8oholic share the bunk bed.


willy.wonka flooded the sun room with chocolate.


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Guest --zeSto--
Originally posted by T.T Boy

but where do the two veterans hang?


My two 'Vetrans' hang in my boxers!

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Guest uncle-boy

this thread is awsome.

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Guest sneak

dope thread zesto, uve done us proud


but where is the store room full of the tools the 12ozers use for thier trade...

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