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  1. those chattahoochee railcars seem way out of place on the west coast. crazy! i never thought they would go anywhere.
  2. that TSA,SB,STREN,CASPO,SIRE365 joint is a classic.... good stuff! :king:
  3. that spell is sick. the best hope ive seen and yen34 is always dope
  4. BIG T

    Wash DC

    somebody should have taught that dude never admit to shit... what a goof
  5. BIG T

    Wash DC

    to the left is kier igo
  6. can i get afew more to pick from... cause i dont like either of those... you are fuckin :clown2: ing
  7. harsh (the fs one), ribs and smash........nice
  8. BIG T

    Wash DC

    FIRE and those MF'n UGLYBOYZ :king:
  9. nice to see some shit in that town.... me and my homie were over there in 2000 to visit my uncle... painted under a bridge or two but there really wasn't shit around(that i saw anyways.... oh and your town center get fuckin crazy on sunday nights...........
  10. BIG T

    Wash DC

    that CAMEMAN shit is tuff... nice one.... and by the way the internet is a gay ass way to fight............
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