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  1. Adidas five ten aleon, rock climbing shoes. just to walk around the house and go to bed in.
  2. this whole video is tight, all the other parts are sick, but this is the one. thrasher has been slowly dropping parts over the last few weeks.
  3. brehs i just had to fight a ice head Uber eats driver. He was saying dirty shit to the guy behind the counter so I stood up to him then he eventually left but walked around the corner to his car. thought it was over then he said something to me and walked back around the corner. so I grabbed my cup of lemonade off the counter and jumped up on this cement ledge and he was standing right there in front of his BMW, door open. me on top of this ledge behind a wall whipped that soda at his face good. they never put the lid on all the way and I noticed before i beamed it at him, he would have got nailed in the face with the cup. he was like "ahh" and turned his head but he just got soaked in pink lemonade. all up in his car too. then I walked around the corner and he was pulling out of the drive way already next he got stuck pulling out in to the street. almost caused an accident. im standing on the side walk staring him down and he yells "going home to get my gun" im like whatever... wait and grab my food the people working cant tell what's going on, I walk 1/2 mile back home. looking over my shoulder and contemplating life. the most psychopathic shit is i never really got that crazy heart beat at all. this kind of shit happens to me at least once a year.
  4. this was good, con artist story. was really good actually, soundtrack sucked though didn't even notice any music in it.
  5. True, happened to me today and everyday on the bus, I was going to the mall to buy puff bars & catch astro fat tags in the fire exit of the target parking structure TPBM wrote their number on a twenty dollar bill and gave it to their crush.
  6. ^ seen it. about to watch this for the first time.
  7. "If I wanted culture I would leave a cup of milk out on my window sill"
  8. my friend showed me this website and I watched " the menu, wednesday, this place rules, the lost tribe and more all for free. its called soap2day.to I think the .to is for tonga, but anyway please be cool and don't tell everybody
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