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  1. one of the funniest stories I saw recently.
  2. What's a good philosophy to believe in to become a artist? if i robbed a bank with gloves covered in cheetos dust, how well would that interfere with the investigation? what are your thoughts on mini micro pieces about the size of my dick? I know people recommend Drawing/painting with your whole arm but maybe Ill head in a different direction, going all digits and wrist.
  3. LUGR I was watching the new seasons of B&BH on soap last nite its on there if your interested. i think the new season 2 is coming out RN.
  4. my wisdom tooth got pulled out earlier this morning, looking back was it a allergic reaction to the Cajun smoked glizzys cooked in a jar of spicy vindaloo sauce or was it really a tooth infection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout urges former Donald Trump to seek refuge in Russia ,
  6. Fuck I can’t afford one of those yet or have a motorcycle license
  7. After I heat gun off the wack breeze decal. Can I throw this sticker on the side
  8. I got a barbecue grill cover for my moped
  9. I just bought a moped. Check it out
  10. my set up 8.25 fucking awesome board ace af1 lo's 44 (8.25) FTP grip powell dragons wheels 54mm (brand New)
  11. that looks good ^ ill keep an eye out for that one. murder nystery 2 is funny so far. and got an 8.1 imbd
  12. I’m gonna tune into both of these next.
  13. A day later all I remember is how funny the first half of the movie was.
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