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  1. joker sold me on tubeless but instead of buying new wheels at this time: anyone have recommendations for new tires? my thickslicks are near the end of their lives. i can run up to 700x36, probably, and run through all the road debris that can ruin a tire
  2. i want to get teenager high for like three months
  3. writing for some holiday marketing stuff, working late because i rode my bike during the workday
  4. we're kinda bleeding into the social media thread at that point, but it's all connected, so fuck it. promoting extreme viewpoints is good for site traffic and gets people to spend more time on news sites and on facebook; they know this. that's why it's all you see. and the headlines on news articles don't match the content because it's actually someone else's job to write that headline and optimize it for organic search and clicks. (i used to work in news.) this is a bad practice! but because people expect news for free, publishers can only pay themselves with traffic, and as facebook squeezes those margins they (news publishers) get desperate. obviously none of this serves anyone. there's a reason turnout keeps dropping despite how much you see online about the election. it's that we're reaching fewer people with our political system. in my experience the best antidote to feeling despondent re: radicalization in media and social media is talking to a range of people with diverse experiences and opinions. no real people are 100% anything, or 100% knowledgeable, and knowing that reassures me. as an example, i sort of fit the mold on the democratic socialist platform but break in plenty of places—i really like the conservative proposal to make taxes so easy you can do them on a postcard, for example. i am the son of two reagan republicans, one of whom grew up on a beef farm. i know cops and criminals and a guy who is an air force flight instructor on planes he can't talk about. i know folks whose parents aren't here legally and people who've been brought back to life with narcan. all of them have a diverse range of views that expand and enhance my experience.
  5. so if you're into the bathwater thing, are you just masturbating to it? do you drink it? what is this kink?
  6. i think my chances of billionaire status, is that I would use higher a skilled team, that basically eliminates high profile people doing dirty things. Warnings would be extermination of one off spring, preferably the youngest.
  7. H E A D O N A P P L Y D I R E C T L Y T O F O R E H E A D
  8. ^^absolute classic fighting with my girl over nothing because she strained her back and is cranky
  9. @mr.yuckthe new york times got his taxes this week and found he'd written off $70,000 in haircare alone. he's got a lot of people making him look like that, in fact
  10. my thicc president got no makeup in his corona ward
  11. agreeing with me on this issue actually requires believing two things that you may or may not be down with: 1. that it is reductive, if not willfully ignorant, to limit a contemporary understanding of racism to calling strangers slurs and burning crosses. you're right in understanding that white hegemony and white supremacy can be correlated here. racism is everywhere and held up by institutions that perpetuate white supremacy and The Order Of Things As They Are, mostly in the interest of self preservation. racism and white supremacy can be found everywhere you look. think: - the american criminal justice system - building roads and power plants in and through black and brown neighborhoods - flipping and gentrifying black neighborhoods in high-demand cities while white neighborhoods bear none of the burden of population growth - our ongoing treatment of native american reservations - and more! so much more. 2. that any organization that says it is anti political correctness and interrupts gay and trans pride marches and espouses "when men were men and women were women" and rides out to black lives matter protests to fight people and prints shirts to cheer kyle rittenhouse is not subtle! very loud, in fact! about where they are on various people that the nazis thought should be exterminated, not just white supremacy. the color of your skin doesn't matter when you are aiding and abetting shit like this; you've become the oppressor, congratulations. you, personally, need to be deliberately avoiding all of this to deploy the kind of gentle circling you've been in this thread, and that alarms me. as someone who is very "show me the evidence" none of this is particularly hard to find. i'm not going to join the fine folks on gab to prove you wrong either. proud boys were there at charlottesville chanting "jews will not replace us." law enforcement agencies and groups who track and monitor extremists routinely lump the proud boys in with atomwaffen and other whites supremacist groups and they all congregate in the same online spaces and do cool shit like this (screenshot attached.) here are a lot of cool quotes from proud boys founder gavin mcinnes as a chaser in which he says things like "muslims are stupid, the only thing they respect is being tough" and argues for new crusades. he recorded a video called "10 things i hate about jews" which is also probably not good? you tell me here anyway! if you're going to handwave away all of this as "mainstream media, painting an agenda, sorry" we don't have anything more to talk about here because i get where you don't want to go.
  12. black/red/grey/green/purple? what's the outline color?
  13. what's up dude! yeah shit's definitely getting weird here on my favorite counterculture forum
  14. i believe he probably got a mild case and is gonna be all "you seen not so bad!" in a few days. this is even as he is transferred to walter reed. (is he going to the ICU and lying about it?! what a year) all that said: even before the medevac ride i was certain this was real. hope hicks has it, and the campaign tried to keep that on the down low but it leaked. everything leaks from this white house and that's important here. once trump tested positive they would have pulled him off the campaign trail because that would have leaked too. and because the coronavirus has a range of outcomes it would be disastrous if it ended up being a moderate to severe case while he was on her campaign trail; it would've been a big scandal if it got out that he campaigned sick, and you'd see more staffers turn on him. he would have to disappear, which also looks bad. all of these are real bad right before an election. as much as they say otherwise the white house staff does take corona somewhat seriously and some wouldn't have come in if they knew the president was positive for it. that would have gotten out too. they're tested for it every day because trump is a noted germaphobe, among other reasons. on the debates: he wants another in person debate to shout over joe biden and look tough. even if he gets better this is a terrible outcome l. he has to debate biden over video and get his audio cut when he interrupts.
  15. anyway suffice to say i am pleased that the president has coronavirus, though mike pence would probably be more effective at enacting evil shit
  16. [furious jackoff motion] the "designation" doesn't do anything by itself. we'll see who gets charged with domestic terror and who doesn't; ask bill barr what he thinks. re: "obama didn't do that": he never had to. hate crimes statutes already exist to magnify what the kkk (and other groups!) do and are almost certainly more versatile/prosecutorially useful for charging kkk members. and obama's DOJ did pursue hate crime cases and charge them at the federal level. case in point its injury! it's good to be back. thanks man! are you a q anon er? i go to that pizza place; the bullet holes are still in the ceiling. qanon is deeply embarrassing and we should ostracize and mock them to take the position that the proud boys are racist is to understand that fighting for white hegemony is fighting to uphold systemic racism and institutions of white supremacy. so yes, there are people of color who are part of the proud boys, who are useful cooperators, and welcome perpetrators of extrajudicial violence. modern day brownshirts for the "law and order" crowd. same type of self-deputized people who chase and shoot people crossing the southern border, convinced of their moral supremacy. on their values that were posted here: is anyone here not bright enough to read how they talk about "western" people and what they "did" to understand the dog whistle? c'mon now
  17. also the "chucked by chinese culture" comment is weird. we have like 30,000+ flu deaths a year and wearing masks would prob put a dent in those, too. masks are good!
  18. happy to offer something here. you're in the right place! you didn't ask but i won't assess your or anyone's drinking habits—i think that's best left to the individual. depending on who you ask, some people will. but there's a lot of weirdo gatekeeping in recovery that keeps people out and i don't want to participate. if you feel like your drinking is unhealthy and want to stop, that's all it has to be. knowing your triggers and having ways to cope are 80% of the battle in long term sobriety, in my experience. what helped me a lot in early sobriety was making detailed plans for my weekends and identifying things that worked out stress and other triggers for me. things that trigger me to drink include: - feeling hungry - feeling lonely - feeling tired - feeling sad - feeling burdened by my to-do list, or stressed - feeling misunderstood - feeling bored - feeling mischevious - feeling restless, or not having something for my hands to do - feeling like my mind was moving too fast this is not an exhaustive list. but needless to say there's a lot about everyday life that made me want to pick up a drink. i used a combination of proactive and reactive stuff to keep my days sober: i made plans to go to AA meetings and hang out with people inside/outside sobriety, and regularly. i rode my bike and wrote graffiti when i was feeling antsy or mischevious. (stricter AA folks would tell you a truly sober person wouldn't keep writing graffiti, but). i looked for creative communities to make plans with too, because i'm an artist and that also took up space on my schedule and in my brain. it was about becoming better at living, fundamentally, and filling it with people and places and things i loved it that were good for me. i also stayed away from people and places that would be bad for me (like old graffiti friends who lived a life i couldn't). of a handful, one is dead now, one just got out after doing five years and is about to go back in. most of the rest are drinking at the same bars they were ten years ago, and i don't really want any of that now. i have (and will) cut people off who don't fuck with who i arguably have to be in order to stay alive. that's non-negotiable not to end on a hostile note, because it really sounds like you're 90% of the way there. a buddy who went sober without a program did it to help him calm depression and anxiety and has seen it work wonders. he's sustaining on inertia alone!
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