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  1. I hate taking pictures… let aknown by that tree
  2. Spooky places you can wonder too during this…
  3. Would 12ozprophet. make bucket paint for sale?
  4. It feels like a bundle of sticks. You over there.
  5. gils


    I wanna paint this everywhere, but I have 10pm curfew.
  6. Killdozer didn’t kill no one physically from the story, but personally. I would rather slit my neck or something. Not blow out the dolamite sack in my brain and miss the final “dMT” trip and get to see God, Or the little Angels. killdozer is an inspiration.
  7. Yeehaw! Gonna spray paint for the rest of my lyfe.
  8. Fuck that’s so shitty I’m sorry to hear that happened.
  9. There is model no. On stickers when you open the door or on the back of the machine and use that to find replacement parts and service manuals. But in the case of a fire starting that’s because the dryer vent is plugged, kinked or possibly disconnected some where. lint cakes up inside the machine and next the heating element burns lint, Dryers have an Access panel on the front, under the door that is held on by 3 screws usually 1/4” or 5/8” or clips that you use a putty knife to open. If not try the back if not that. The whole front is getting took off. Step 1 is unplug the machine before starting to work on the dryer. Step 2 get access to the inside of the unit via front panel or back panel Step 3 vacuum out the inside the bottom with a shop vac and the lint trap, if can. Step4. Make sure vent secure in place no kinks and unclogged. Then put everything back and run a cycle with no heat, so any thing kicked up doesn’t land on the heating coil. Checking air flow and strong air pressure at the end of the vent is a good preventive maintenance to make sure things are connected and working right.
  10. The jokes is”why’d the blood get rid of all his money.... because cryptocurrency”
  11. I no go I’m might change my name and bounce. I always loved the idea of be a immigrant in another country. Yeah
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