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  1. Hua Guofang


    That’s actually a pretty fair response, except the part about being on the side of the police. Asking for evidence is never an indication of anything other than looking for evidence. I actually did google it and read a news article but misunderstood what I was reading. I mistook custody for arrest, hence my follow on questions.
  2. I think we might be talking past each other here. I fully believe the Dutch shipping container story is true, I don't doubt it a single bit. @Kultsposted a story from Reddit about a shipping container on a farm in Australia that was linked to child abuse It is this story that I don't believe, for the reasons I've listed. Of course, horrible child abuse and other terrible stuff happens, I just don't think that the story Kults posted was an example of anything other than some one spinning a story;
  3. Shipping container on the farm is fake, is what I meant. No doubt the Dutch one is real.
  4. Yep, we're doing our best to avoid a second wave here. Reading Austin and surrounding areas are running out of space for bodies. I fear that shit is going to get real ugly in the US over the next month or two with the fatality count rising dramatically.
  5. I know this sounds a bit weak, but after spending time in conflict zones and the shitty parts of the world, I can’t do recreational suffering anymore. Just feel that I’ve achieved my quota of that kind of stuff. It’s why I also stay out of the internet gore thread.
  6. Close mate of mine had some renovations happening on his house. He knew the builder as my mate owns and flips properties and this guy has done a bunch of work for him over the years. My mate comes home one afternoon and the the builder's apprentice is sitting in the work truck by himself just sitting still, looking down. The builder tells my mate that he has to fire the apprentice because they had a situation that day. He'd asked the apprentice to go around the back of the house to get/do something, he was taking too long, so he went around to check what was going on. He caught the apprentice at the garden tap, giving my mate's dog a drink out of his hand, with his dick in it at the same time. Not only is the apprentice getting the sack, but the kid's mum is a good friend of the builder, so, of course, why the son got the sack is going to come up in conversation at some point. Moral of the story, don't get blowies from the client's pet whilst you're on the job.
  7. I'm not sure what your point is. Nobody is saying that these kinds of things don't exist, just that the story of the shipping container sounds like fiction because of the details and the way it was written.
  8. I studied and lived under the Chinese Communist PArty for a long time and I can't tell you how much Trump's America is starting to resemble that system. He tries to turn the military on protesters and dissenters. He tries to shut down media that is critical of him. Those close to him are allowed to break the law without the consequences normal people face He enriches his own family using the powers of his office His personal accounts are not up for scrutiny People in the government get fired if they don't agree with him He uses the power of his office to financially assist those who support him. He leans his political legitimacy on race and the economy. This is all 100% exactly the same as the Chinese Communist Party. Yet his supporters are such suckers they are so easily conditioned to scream "If AOC/Biden/whoever had their way, they'd take all your freedoms away like Stalin" and shit like that. It really is astounding how alike Trump's America has become like contemporary China.
  9. People protesting police brutality in the streets get the national guard, Trump's mates, who 100% broke the law, get off free. Tell me again how this guy is not THE swamp? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-11/donald-trump-commutes-long-time-adviser-roger-stone-sentence/12445732
  10. Jesus, check this shit out: https://says.com/my/fun/this-malaysian-artist-creates-highly-detailed-miniature-dioramas-of-his-childhood-memories
  11. Hua Guofang


    Oh, and BTW, I fully expected it to be, at least mostly true. I just know not to believe everything I see on the internet.
  12. Hua Guofang


    Not necessarily, I don't want to debunk anything. I've just learned to call bullshit on a lot of what you say, because you tend to believe whatever suits your biases. You're more about bleating and preaching than you are about actually digging for truth and you hate it when people question you. Most people look forward to the opportunity to test their assumptions. You don't, you just want to convince people of stuff. So, I ask for details, sorry that's a problem for you.
  13. Had this on repeat the day of the Brexit vote. Seemed appropriate. HEllova song, especially when that chick screams rape and murder in the middle.
  14. It's a good read but if I had to make a call it would be BS, if not just for the fact that it is a good read that comes across more like creative writing than a farm labourer retelling an experience. The way the narrative is constructed and he explains internal thoughts and reasoning rather than just describing what he found, is not the way I'd expect an Australian farm labourer to talk. It also seems strange that some one with the funds to set up something like that and the foresight to place it on such a property with high security, wouldn't go that small extra step to paint it with a colour that's harder to spot from a distance or even just throw a cam net over it. He also didn't describe any kind of aerials or transmitters on the outside of the container (when being very detailed about everything else), which would be required in abundance to connect to satellites in order to share large amounts of data, as it was described with banks of servers and numerous terminals. The system he describes would chew a huge amount of power, as would the air conditioning to keep it cool. He describes a generator on the outside, Anything to power a setup like that described would be pretty large and noisy. On flat, open ground on a cool evening, you'd hear it for miles. Not to mention, the fuel tank would have to be topped up almost daily, which would drastically increase the likelihood of getting caught (cops would only have to sit and wait for 24hrs and you'd be caught red-handed). The author doesn't describe any battery banks that could collect power from an array of solar panels on the roof, which would be required to power the set up in the evening and through cloudy days. To be 9 hours out of Sydney he really has to be talking about the Narrabri/Dubbo/Bourke triangle, which, I'm pretty sure, doesn't have any stations the size of which he describes. Cattle stations of that size are found either much further out in NSW or, most commonly, in the Northern Territory or QLD. NSW isn't known for stations of that size. I come from a circle of mates (we grew up in Sydney) that do a lot of hunting on properties like that (mostly looking for pigs) and they always have to go all the way out to southwest QLD for that kind of property. Lastly, it also seems strange that some one would go to all that trouble with a shipping container on some one else's property, where it can easily be spotted, rather than just renting a cheap, shitty apartment with fake ID in a crappy part of the state and run their set up from there where it would attract no suspicion, whatsoever. /end procrastinating, back to work.
  15. That sounds like some of the contracts there were about a few years back for vessels working the West African coast and MAlacca Straits. Although, if it is about red room ops, whoever takes such a job should expect to be slotted and thrown overboard at the end of the gig instead of receiving a quart mil and to be able to go back on land and blab about it.
  16. No reason it can't be both. That they were wired would actually support that it could well have been. Smart business move on the part of the crime groups, torture your competitors/bad creditors and make some crypto on the side.
  17. Hua Guofang


    As @Jokersays, tubeless is definitely the way to go. Also sounds like beading the tyre onto the rim is a hell of a lot easier on MTB than road/gravel bikes.
  18. I'm literally sitting here listening to children's lullabies on repeat. I've been here for three hours now and the only thing that will bring myself to press stop is to go in and lay down next to my little girl. It seems the only way I can block out the sadness and frustration of the world at the moment, to let my mind wander to a state where the only things that matter are hugs and smiles. I can't tell you how tired I am.
  19. 2020 is so fucking munted that most the world doesn't even remember that Iran and the US were shooting at each other and Iran shot down a passenger jet killing everyone on board. That's how fucked up shit is. And being in the line of work that pays attention to things like mega-bushfires, pandemics, mega-protest riots and countries shooting at each other is dead set fucking exhausting right now.
  20. They, at least used to be, one of the world's major sources of MDMA. Given that so many drugs there are decriminalised they are a major exporter to the world, not just the EU. The dope shops near the border used to do more trade than the coffee shops in Amsterdam until recent changes in laws slowed that part of the trade down.
  21. Hua Guofang


    I mean, my assumption is that this will be the case when all is said and done. Just wanting to confirm or disprove those assumptions by gaining a little clarity.
  22. I heard they were funded by George Soros and Bill Gates.
  23. Hua Guofang


    I guess I don't know what the difference is between 'in custody' and 'under arrest'. Can I assume that if you're only in the custody of cops you can leave if you're not under arrest. Is that correct? Are there any other differences?
  24. Hua Guofang


    This speaks more to my ignorance of the law, but does it make much difference if he's been arrested yet or not? He's in custody, been suspended and being questioned about the incident. Is that not what should be happening? Again, not trying to imply that anything is right or wrong, just trying to understand what is going on.
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