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  1. after reading this thread im sure this post will most likely get overlooked or responded with vast amounts of n00b hate, but after using disposable cameras for years and years, i got given a Canon S95 for a present. Could someone please point me in the direction of how to go about starting to learn how to use it properly? im shooting on the auto setting and i know theres alot more to this camera then that. I understand i need to learn the basics of a camera, so im reading online tutorials on shutter speed and what not aswell just to get some basic photography knowledge.
  2. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 Fuck the Tigs but im so glad they got it over Sydney.
  3. The latest Ross Kemp Extreme Worlds series is really good.
  4. Add ALOT more bacon, minus the sour cream and add some baked beans and thats my daily breakfast. Also a nice big glass of assorted fruit juice.
  5. ^^^ Fuck those silver shades are badass!
  6. ^^^ my ex ex girl had the same problem when i first ever met her, i just took her aside and let her know whats up, she thanked me for being kind enough to let her know. Smash selma.
  7. for the Aussies on 12oz: Maccas straw in the coin return for free payphone calls 5 Sherbert bombs for 5cents at the milkbar Train station dimmys and potato cakes Flashing year old paper tickets to get on the bus
  8. Akrisone's on the money, the street beef eps get a tad boring.
  9. after getting demoted from first class due to a bullshit ticket mishap i fell asleep on my last trip and woke up to this 20something yr old screaming whilst her friend next to me was trying to pop a zit on her forehead. After waking up half the plane the zit finally popped and shot goo over the back of a ladies head sitting in front of her, lady was NOT impressed.
  10. Info on Canada? Will be arriving in Van middle of next year, then over to montreal and down to toronto. Calgary worth checking out on the way over to montreal? also would it be easier/cheaper to fly or train it from toronto to new york?
  11. freeforall


    No im just new here. I meant its a horrible colourway in general, comfortable shoe though.
  12. freeforall


    Heinous colourway, but these shoes are REALLY comfortable, especially if your planning to be on your feet for long periods of time.
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