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  1. john7

    Hey Shai

    Nothing special.
  2. john7

    yall wanna see a dead body??

    Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment;not only about survival
  3. john7

    RIP Heavy D

    I look forward to seeing the pictures
  4. john7

    RIP Andy Rooney

    Probably. It’s still up in the air。
  5. john7

    so, im in little rock, arkansas

    Good choice!
  6. john7

    Iggy Azalae...

    I'm crazy about you.
  7. john7


    Looks good.
  8. john7

    Minecraft Nerd thread

    I need some sleep.
  9. Re: Constipated as hell, chugging black people like a mad man. That sounds very interesting...
  10. john7

    Ha! Take that, Africans!

    I never heard this
  11. john7

    fuck all yall niggas

    :) That's bullshit!
  12. john7

    fuck all yall niggas

    That's bullshit!
  13. Re: THIS IS THE REAL ORIGINAL 12oz PROPHET,,, IF YOU DONT KNOW,, NOW YOU KNOW,,, FUCKING G Support the page post's wonderful performance...
  14. john7

    Converting .mov to Prores 422 on a PC

    I don't understand the question.
  15. I think it works for me.