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  1. Oi whats all the racket? If you tree house club midget pussys cant control your finger clicking niggers youll be ploughing the fields with them.
  2. If this isn't in your top 10 favourite songs, you probably enjoy rollerblading, penis and frequenting the BSM thread.
  3. Anybody used Swankolab and Incredibooth.. any good?
  4. That's an old woman's mentality. Like someone said, being away from family etc is bad enough. A dirty cell, bad food and nothing to do is just gonna make people sit around thinking negative shit. Keep in mind they are going to released at some stage, would you rather them come out with a positive attitude or full of resentment from being treated like an animal. P.s MRC C Block Badminton singles champ 2009.:king:
  5. Get white peoples name out your mouth you dirty moon cricket.
  6. That joint is pretty standard for minimum security prisons. Ive stayed in nicer.. BBQ's, LCD's with cable, wii's, swimming pool's, japanese contemplation garden's etc It's true, the prejudicial treatment in prison is the single biggest factor for recidivism.
  7. Yeah, ill get right on that.. you sorry ass crumb faggot.
  8. Oh shit look who it is.. These limp dick 'BSM' herbs :lol:
  9. Aww.. go have a cry under your bed. The internet cant hurt your feelings there, FAGGOT.
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