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  1. This is so true, god forbid you try to blanket all that rubbish with something nice they retaliate with their small little bubble toy fillins...I mean you have some lee way on a rooftop, take your time and do some hot shit. But then again these are toys that cant rock.
  2. sorry but besides the KEZ5, everything on there is toy. :rolleyes:
  3. Still, I'm not saying that I have lots of skill but I began painting in 2004 and have a style similar to that of late 90's early 2G writers that came up in my area and different parts of the city cause I practiced a lot on paper. Niggas can still rack, the art of racking has not died at all. It's just these kids don't think at all. In 04 I used to do full body racks and had spots laid out through the city where I would easily get about 12-20 depending what I was wearing per spot(you know steep tech or snorkel jacket) Don't make excuses for these chumps. There is still great looking graffiti in the streets to emulate. Even the out of towners have come in with style and grace, their shit is legible and consistent. The only live trains I saw were freights, which are still available in certain spots of this city. Tunnels are still available to anybody to king. There should be no excuses, whether it be time to rock on the street or how young you are...a good example is this kid Saper BRT, 16 year old back in the day that caused crazy reck. My lil mans TAIN TGK ELV rocked with cheeze and went on a rampage at the mere age of 13. C'mon these little herbs hands need to be broken, someone DOES need to advise them that their shit is ugly as fuck to their face and vamp them for their fucking cans. Zest TGK http://www.tgkcrew.8k.com
  4. Well said Factory_Made, on all levels this generation of kids are lacking tremendously.
  5. Don't give me that buff crap, kids have all these resources that people didnt have back in the days. They can easily pick up a NY book with graff history in it or just come on the internet and see what it was like in the 90's 80's and before that as well. They truly just fucking suck. They also cant say they rock that blob shit cause its much hotter out now, its always been hot. The only difference is the penalties we face now.
  6. wow...I truly thought NYC was the city with the best throw ups hands down. We definately had style compared to other cities rocking. We'll these toys shit looks like blobs and worse than other cats. Do us all a favor and grab onto a trains rail from under an elevated track , pieces of shit. /rant over
  7. At the end of the day I seen people get robbed who were alert/awake waiting for the train. :lol: I witnessed some dude on the E,D line on 7th avenue just snatch some Chinese woman's iphone right out her hand and book it.
  8. I had the story told to me from some OG's, I wouldn't share the story on here tho. :jpotato: Pen & Shine def put in work tho, Nobs used to roll with them but hes just about the only one who kept at it.
  9. Damn, you threw it back. Scarlett used to do strip teases on BronxNet back in the days LOL
  10. Who gives a hoot? a toy went over some legal pieces...tell me something that doesn't occur all the time.
  11. He a rookie cop for the VS until we are certain. His title says rookie, he been here since September and only got 29 posts...what he need to do is get on here and post flicks of walls with paint still wet like most of us do. Yup. You have officially entered Training Day my mannnn "you like getting your shhhhhit pushed in?"
  12. :confused: You are the one trying to buy toyish canvases :lol: I wasn't trying to be humorous at all you nincompoop.
  13. Lol, Itsmebitches needs to be banned, his whole IP. Probably a cop, no matter how toy we think ainer is...we would prefer if you didn't set him up trying to buy his toy canvases.
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