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  1. fuck reup..............I run you and your family hope to see you so I can spit on you
  2. nice bench... gs ch shock arch "nice" character on that one next to the flown
  3. some nice ones... likin the house
  4. so when I am not using spray paint I can imaginarily paint on my dick sucking ass neighbors forehead
  5. nice...interesting how the fill-in on that Sire piece is... Sire R.I.P.
  6. and to that cool guy that sidebusted me... if you got a problem with me, say it to my face.
  7. I don't have a problem with Wire.
  8. basically... thems changed the name of their crew to something else... but that kid Melvin I got a problem with... I'll push him for taking my shit... but the rest of ya'll I won't let you push me.
  9. great flicks, looks like you had a good time!
  10. This second full page is from the first time I met Mane...he had a very original style and was a very respectful and polite person, I will miss him... The crazy half circle style ...Mane R.I.P
  11. Two Mane pieces in Indianapolis, IN... R.I.P
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