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  1. corey perry's tough pavel hung too... hell yeah
  2. you go into Draft Central > Pre Draft Rankings... edit.
  3. so they are going to blow up chunks of it... kids, photographers, hipsters, 'urban explorers', and everyone in between is gonna go in that bitch to see whats up. the structure will give out (from the blasts) and those people will fall into the abyss and end up like that bum from last winter. curiosity killed the cat style. while Slows dude and johnny knoxville shed a tear with a triple threat in hand. Transformers sucked anyways
  4. if i was from battle creek....
  5. hmmm why aren't DSD's pics showing for me... can someone troubleshoot? edit - seems to be photobucket or something. i wish i had another computer to test.
  6. that dems pak is the whip korg rules too.
  7. hell yeah pics! bump thatsreft dems!
  8. Dudes... Capcom vs SNK was the shit. Bump irate, that sick army doodlegeddon, and blur.
  9. word i thought the same... WAB is tastey.
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