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Sik K Brah

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  1. Sik K Brah


    was out late last night. got home around 7am.. fish I've been talking to texts me her address.. Get over there but she wont let me fuck her... she jerks me off a little then I titty fuck her DD's.... then blast on her face and roll out.
  2. just saw this at the Gucci store..
  3. Sik K Brah


    Christmas people.
  4. Mines worked for a week. But I lost visual voicemail.
  5. Will you two retards just go to bed already.
  6. Keep my head shaved. Don't use any attachment so pretty much bald.
  7. Ask her if she wants to go get cheesesteaks.
  8. Can we turn this into another cheesesteak thread?
  9. What about a dao family photo?
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