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Everything posted by ImChristeezy

  1. Had outback for the first time.. Fuckin yum.
  2. TINYCHAT!! I have some old screenshots from back in the day. Lots of old names...
  3. Usually has more cream cheese.. This is beach huts version and it's amazing, I swear
  4. Hazy little things and a cheese steak for lunch
  5. Got my T!! First name that caught my eye was you mf!! Miss u forreal Q ❤
  6. Pinapple DOES belong on pizza + cashews and canadian bacon with a pitcher of PBR for my buddy Keeny RIP
  7. Hahaha no fuckin idea.. Looks like Drake so maybe
  8. Found this ancient artifact of me scrolling through the oontz back in 2009 I believe...
  9. Little party last weekend.. I ended up making some regretful decisions that night lol
  10. Not trying to be fancy here..... Okay, I am.. Cooked the steak sous vide style then used a torche to sear the outside.. One steak cooked with butter and garlic and one with salt and peppper.. It was a tough decision but the salt and pepper one was my fav. Picked out a couple of odd beers from BevMo and this one went best with my meal ❤ also..... Desert
  11. I eat out a LOT.. Had Wayback yesterday for lunch ?
  12. Yo Caligula!! Yeah I'm still around. Looking to re locate back to the bay though.. We'll see ? where are u stayin? Let's meet up! kiki's is so fucking good.. I go to the one in Sac and another in Rocklin ?
  13. Whaddup @fat ralphy! Glad to be back ?
  14. Hella miss you POZ. RIP
  15. Kiki's chicken fries in Sacramento ?
  16. what graff artist died in Sac today hanging off the building from his rope?
  17. Dear SM, I couldnt even imagine :( Just always stay positive and youll make it through anything <3 Dear cG, I know all about getting OLD (ms 25yr old oner) Happy Bday to yoooou!
  18. red, thanks :) mommy steezy
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