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Everything posted by ImChristeezy

  1. Had outback for the first time.. Fuckin πŸ˜‹ yum.
  2. TINYCHAT!! I have some old screenshots from back in the day. Lots of old names...
  3. Not in any order... My night. Got home at 330am 😲
  4. Usually has more cream cheese.. This is beach huts version and it's amazing, I swear πŸ™‚
  5. Hazy little things and a cheese steak for lunch 🀀
  6. Got my T!! First name that caught my eye was you mf!! Miss u forreal Q ❀
  7. Pinapple DOES belong on pizza πŸ’› + cashews and canadian bacon with a pitcher of PBR for my buddy Keeny RIPπŸ–€
  8. Hahaha no fuckin idea.. Looks like Drake so maybe
  9. Found this ancient artifact of me scrolling through the oontz back in 2009 I believe...
  10. At 8.2% it is mighty tasty πŸ€€πŸ’—
  11. Little party last weekend.. I ended up making some regretful decisions that night lol
  12. Not trying to be fancy here..... Okay, I am.. Cooked the steak sous vide style then used a torche to sear the outside.. One steak cooked with butter and garlic and one with salt and peppper.. It was a tough decision but the salt and pepper one was my fav. Picked out a couple of odd beers from BevMo and this one went best with my meal ❀ also..... Desert 🀀
  13. I eat out a LOT.. Had Wayback yesterday for lunch ?
  14. Yo Caligula!! Yeah I'm still around. Looking to re locate back to the bay though.. We'll see ? where are u stayin? Let's meet up! kiki's is so fucking good.. I go to the one in Sac and another in Rocklin ?
  15. Whaddup @fat ralphy! Glad to be back ?
  16. Hella miss you POZ. RIP
  17. Kiki's chicken fries in Sacramento ?
  18. what graff artist died in Sac today hanging off the building from his rope?
  19. Dear SM, I couldnt even imagine :( Just always stay positive and youll make it through anything <3 Dear cG, I know all about getting OLD (ms 25yr old oner) Happy Bday to yoooou!
  20. red, thanks :) mommy steezy
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