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  1. best for scribs are those phone books under the payphone those are mad fun. hit up shit that no one will see then walk with your cool tagger buddies n show em.thats what iz up
  2. i dont think philly handstyles are somthin you learn from a forum
  3. yo im an ink man so i usealy use a sock nib witha shampoo bottle but is there another kinda mop besides a kiwi that i could squeeze paint through?
  4. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks i found a dope ass troll watch crazy dope
  5. snort some armour etch but if its not in ur nose u wont get high
  6. off topic here has anyone used the marsh 99 marker any reviews on it looks dope but real expensive want to buy it but on the fence
  7. one of the best purchases ive made love em on the painters 2x.on the subject of painter 2x get the cap off those new wd40 with the straw built min to the cap n throw it on the painter nice thin lines
  8. Has anyone read espo's studio gangster?review please
  9. on the subject of ap caps get the caps off lubricant cans at homedepot there those blaster caps they slang on ap
  10. threw that shit in a kiwi n it came out mad streaky what should i thin it with?
  11. yo fellas i need paint help. so i got this kills oil based bucket paint and i cant get it to flow thru shit.any tips?
  12. sometimes i feel like crushing shit by maself n sometimes ill bring a homie
  13. the "i fuck up in life" thread id a few more under this one
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