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  1. had some good times with you my dog. one of the most thorough solid fools i ever rode with. thanks for the memories brother. cant find the ones from after he moved to NYC but thought i'd share these ones i could find. these are from like 05 up in the bay.
  2. i fuckin love etch's lil illustrations
  3. Get well Dar! We prayin for you my nigga!!
  4. either that belton held up like a champ for 10 years or those are some old flicks brah! ;)
  5. is this an intentional diss? or is this nigga just that stupid?
  6. wow over 200 pages of work. that is pretty impressive.
  7. that hurts seeing a 10 year old car dissed by random toys
  8. oh shit! you found pinky! hahaha. dont call it a comeback...
  9. wow check out the cracks on that 02 joint. all valspar and belton for the fills. garbage ass paint. but look how that rusto gloss black outline shines 10 years later. flicks like that are why i only outline rusto gloss black. fuck the dumbshit.
  10. can someone post his name rank and unit? also has his funeral happened already? if not please post the info so those of us who are out of town can send flowers and/or send someone to represent us at the funeral.
  11. condolences to the homey faust and all dude's friends and family. those surer faust stickers were ubiquitous through most of my tenure in nyc. i had no idea he was in the service. i got alotta respect for kids who choose to serve our country in a time of war. i'll be shipping out when i finish school myself. god bless son for his sacrifice. america isn't at war. the marine corps is at war. america is at the mall shopping. Semper Fidelis
  12. 3 posts? are you serious? this has got to be the dumbest LEO i've ever seen. maybe you need to take a second shot at the academy for good measure lil buddy. even more funny youre trying to bait me when i havent even painted anything in more than 3 years, and yes, the statute of limitations for felony vandalism in california is.... 3 years! shoulda got me when you could friend. i suggest you go back to community college for that AA degree thats eluded you for so long, so you can bump up a notch on the pay scale without having to actually solve any prosecutable crimes.
  13. lets give it up for begr always volunteering to paint the door.
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