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  1. and the bar get raised THANTIFAXATH http://youtu.be/quo2_fSVLEQ http://noisey.vice.com/blog/thanifaxath-song-stream
  2. "Gorilla Pimp" -Project Pat (feat. Namond Lumpkin) [Verse One] If you thinking I'm straight then you better think twice And you ain't got no cheese then I'm jekyl and hyde 'Bout to click on this bitch cause she need to learn me Beat her with my pistol when I thought she burned me it's the first of the month you can call me Sambo I'ma dick this ho down cause I like to gamble In her purse I ramble On her head I trample Where the hell the damn doe Old silly ass hoe You ?gon' bring them go go? And I like to chew snow Sippin' 'nac with your cap is the perfect convo You can be a Jane Doe if you call the po-po (female voice)I'ma call ya momma a Bitch that's a no no Don't get personal, I'll never let go If you did wanna run you'll get beat to the flo' I'ma go-rilla pimp you can call me great ape knockin' teefus out ya mouth need to get ya shit straight [Chorus] I'ma gorilla on the hoes did that I'ma Pimp nigga you ain't know? did that I'ma a mack mane on the stroll did that I'm out here trying to make a ho did that Cause I hustle on the low did that I ain't tryin' to go for broke did that So bitch don't ?try me ho? did that If you do I'ma cut ya throat did that [Verse Two] Talkin' smart to a pimp you done broke the first rule I'ma come on your job I'ma act a damn fool When ya boss walk in I'ma play it off cool If he step in our biz I'ma slap his ass to All that loud talkin ho need to gon' settle down 'Fore you friend have to pick ya ass up off the ground I got love for ya purse meaning that I love you Married to this cheese first and I'm screamin' I do No money for a mack mean drama for a ho Paramedics toting you through the trauma center do' Busted lips broken leg but I got my bank roll Tried to put a struggle up so she got her eye swoll Buying you Taco Bell but a pimp eating Steak Corn Bread Collard Greens Chit-a-lings on my plate Always late for a date and she always trippin' She can hate my fuckin guts but she lovin' my pimpin' [Chorus] [Verse Three] Mixin' game with some 'nac is a deadly potion If I hit it from the back bitch I want devotion In ya pussy strokin' Ho a pimp is spoken DOA if you try to play my emotions I'ma crack a hos dome I ain't broke the damn law Another nigga (on) my phone so I broke the bitches jaw You done quit ya damn job and you need to start hoin' Boostin clothes playin tricks cause a pimp ain't goin In the club shakin ass they can bring plenty cash But ya get mo' loot with a VIP pass Say ya ass got robbed when ya ?shoulda got a hundred? Now you get the fuck up out of here go and get the money you dummy tryin' to pop phoning me a get ya killed Bitch I ain't the chargee I'ma charge you for real So don't get it twisted I'm the pimp you the bitch Either bring the loot quick or you get ya throat slit I'ma Gorilla on the hoes...
  3. Oh yeah" Ayyee - ya work has as much movement as Darryl Stingley. look me up cupcake.
  4. Christ on a cross.. Cheeto feet? Meet cheeto defeat. high as a Georgia pine
  5. Bong hits outta her butthole to this shit. http://youtu.be/fzxc00x3k5I MULATU! (good looking mike) you ol' boy. http://youtu.be/ieX70EMSKHc
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