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Everything posted by Aumstarsbcf

  1. **Purple Snow: Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound’ Compilation http://www.okayplayer.com/news/purple-snow-forecasting-the-minneapolis-sound-pre-prince-stream.html
  2. You're killing your father Larry.
  3. Meat Street Journey to the center of the girth
  4. New **Castevet, Amazingly precise tone heavy shit.
  5. SEE HEAVY METAL ASAP, heavy metal 2000 is ite too..*DONT SLEEP ON COONSKIN. Pertaining to Old Boy, i've seen trailers, and it just looks ....Americanized but buggin that Spike Lee did that shit, gonna give it a gander. Just watched this shit earlier... I think its up your alley.
  6. Yeah you have your shit down packed
  7. Keep crying, you're turning me on.
  8. ^Solid, sweet fucking name. New Mitochondrion EP http://youtu.be/Y3PTB2Iten8
  9. Second bull got side swiped, didn't have a chance. That fool might just end up righting some solid checks.
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