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  1. ^ do that wearing a pair of jnco jeans, see how many cats holler at you then girl.
  2. what a fucking treasure, looks so cool she's probably standing on toughs rocks just to tell you she doesn't believe in them, a sad looking bird that had the vigor and drive to pillaged John Wilks Booths closet just to know the freedom of farting through burlap, and running her snail trails through the bellows of botched American history. You ever see a woman that looks like she cry's so much her eyes start to look like buttholes? Evil roads start here, depression smash.
  3. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DAD. http://munchies.vice.com/articles/a-dude-food-gift-guide-for-fathers-day/ what your dad like?
  4. Re: random thoughts and *the mouth of a strange woman is a deep pit.
  5. Re: random thoughts If you call off work and you're not sick, get fucked up so when you go back to work the next day you look shitty, and legit.
  6. Steve Guttenberg still rolling the nickles
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