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Everything posted by Aumstarsbcf

  1. Yeah fuck that shit, she's playing herself.
  2. Yeeeeaah! Homeboy's noodlin' in the streets. Getting his.. stankinn...
  3. It is currently 11:25 in the am eastern standard time. It's my boys birthday, just stole that motherfuckers b day gift. Today he's getting free shit, he will be happy. I am happy. We happy. Sin for charity, so you can win for charity, ya feel me?
  4. Ayeo , -The crimson executioner up in this bitch It's harvest time motherfucker, heavy posts are soon to follow.
  5. This is true, it will give you the ITIS.
  6. That bullshit is called the Philadelphia challenge, annnnddd i'm bugging because you haven't the slightest idea. PHILLY TACO. Welcome to Earth Tony tough tits.
  7. Just here to remind y'all that magic is real , and you're all gonna die. (JK! but nope.) Is it me you're looking for? hmm.. hmmm. .. HARRISBURG, PA THEM FISHBOWLS CUZ.
  8. NO, cus you're a terrorist, and god likes squares. FREEDUMB isn't FREE. *Till the end, got y'alls back WE'RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER KID, NEVER SEPERATE, BAND TOGETHER.
  9. DUST! Mad fucking flow. TOP NOTCH
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