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  1. http://youtu.be/kvpQRm5uluI This cover makes me smile, when I was a teen I'd run in fear, now I use scuba gear. http://youtu.be/QmfHoesWQ8Q
  2. .....That's swiss the abyss, the cheese of no return.
  3. The boy broke his arm at taco bell
  4. Baby you better walk that track! If you want that tail money, I need that bail money..
  5. I'd steal on those titties tho..
  6. cop shit. fuck outta here schooly d.
  7. This is how most people look to an alcoholic on new years eve. Maim the innocent, do bad things..
  8. Right on, think I might have heard it in an old Toy Machine video or something, dope stuff.
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