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  1. if this is real who in their right mind would sign a contract so they can show your face on national tv as you punch a girl and kick out windows. i think im calling bullshit too.
  2. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD haha for real, an injury for me is burning my thumb with a lighter
  3. i lied.. malkin has no luck... its pure fucking skill. wow..
  4. louies special is on comedy central tonight i think.
  5. Land of Opportunity NOT Land of Entitlement. sorry, get a job.
  6. you can go to a minor league game for like 10 bucks (if that) and have way more fun.
  7. damn yo, the phils were on fire today. 4 homers. and one was the first pitch of the game from rollins.
  8. hahahaahaha that dude is gonna hear about this for the rest of his life.
  9. you have to add atleast 0000.1% in luck. god damn malkin was on fire.
  10. never been on a plane before, and dont plan on doing it on the future. if i cant take a road trip there then fuck it.
  11. im ready for the phils yanks game. go phillies.
  12. been bumping organix by the roots, pass the pop corn is such a sweet track... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6VNmsp1vL8
  13. Re: Don't Call it Frisco bump bambu on that watertowerr
  14. dog... ive said that since page one. what the fuck you talking about?
  15. perv- fh looks like the links stopped working on the other page so here... and check out the glamorous life blog, dude puts up cool photos and articles.
  16. perv- fh stolen from the glamorous life blog
  17. for me, yeah i kinda do miss burrell. he had his slumps but he was a stand up dude and us phillies fans loved him. but ibanez is kicking ass this year.
  18. the only plus of twitter is you can only type so many characters. no bullshit, straight and to the point... i think ive said this in another twitter thread. but its true.
  19. ... if your serious about a spinoff.. im about to lose all respect for seth mcfarlne right now
  20. as much as i love the phillies, they almost got beat by the worst team in baseball. but thank god we came back. 2008 champs, philadelphia philliessss.
  21. personally i think family guy is funny as shit. its so random. but american dad is fucking horrible. its just a shitty unfunny version of family guy. im going to have to get digital cable now since they took adult swim off basic.
  22. you are the mad one, you started being the coolest after i dissed your buttbuddy buddens. you know since "I can't think of too many songs of his that aren't fire" you should take that cd and light it on fire because its fucking shit. : ) edit: last post on this thread. nobodys gonna win this argument. you like him i dont.
  23. cheeto feet was pretty funny, but hoof girl kinda takes the cake. i mean.. she has a fucking hoof!
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