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Everything posted by fastZeetec302

  1. i think theres more attractive black girls now, then there ever was.
  2. i hope i will be getting a piece of the cash prize for voting.
  3. awww yo what the fuck is going on. fuck 2009
  4. hahah for real, if you dont know shit about basketball. you still know shaq sucks at the line.
  5. its kinda funny he'll look just like he did in the thriller video.
  6. Re: CHEESE STEAK ARGUMENT THREAD: ITS OFFICIALLY SUPER GAY you guys are mad as shit. philly has the best cheese steaks. bottom line. pats, or genos it doesnt matter. any spot in or around the tristate area kills it.
  7. shit man, those little pickups are beasts. my pops has like a 90 nissan pickup. the thing will not die.
  8. http://www.shabooty.com/2009/06/11/howard-stern-anal-porn-fart-audio.php not a google or youtube video, but its mad funny.
  9. its a 12 0z glitch, its doing it in a lot of threads. rip iz!
  10. yo go see bob levy live, he closes his show by eating blue cheese dressing out of girls asses.
  11. whats the difference between a nigger and a bucket full of shit? .. the bucket.
  12. hossa is still on suicide watch. go flyers 09-10
  13. flyers got emery for goalie... i didnt think flyers wanted a goon goalie. i mean we already got cote to take care of mother fuckers. emery better stay in the crease and chill out and just worry about stopping shots. edit: heres a quick video of how big a skumbag emery is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG62Z40O40s
  14. silent wrytes always posts banging freights. great thread.
  15. crossing the street in front of traffic walking slow as shit.
  16. bump the phils beating the mets. ibanez is a fucking monster.
  17. yeah it was a nice hit, but kimmo got up right away and got back playing defense. umberger couldnt even get up.
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