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  1. they deleted his account, but someone saved and reuploaded it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH4NBbzigZs
  2. saw one of these at aberdeen proving grounds. i think it was the Anzio Annie. or atleast one of them.
  3. two amazing teams. but im gonna go with the pens. malkin is the man.
  4. if you post on public shit like that your going to always get assholes and people trying to get over on you. sign up for an ebay account.
  5. yes i know, and this is the best thread on 12 oz
  6. jay mohr told some tracy morgan stories. dude seems like he'd be fun to hang with.
  7. they are all jesus freaks too and i think they wanted jesus to heal him (ha). fucked up. just let the kid live.
  8. myers is killing me. dude gets in shape and starts to suck. time to put that weight back on.
  9. why because i dont believe in obama like you?
  10. nah ive been arrested before but thats besides the point. and this^ is the truth.
  11. i guess it pays off to suck for 15 years, gather all those first round picks and come back swinging. im deff pulling for the pens to go all the way.
  12. wont people just not talk until they can have a real lawyer with them?
  13. holy shit fresh prince..yo you guys are good as shit with this computer stuff. remind me to be nice to you.
  14. suck my balls liberal faggot. ^^^^
  15. phillies hold it for the win. sorry marlins.
  16. jesse is a moron. 'I WAS A NAVY SEAL' nobody cares.
  17. was i talking to you? i dont think this is the get ---- mad thread.
  18. well.... werent you mad that other people were mad.. but you werent?. therefore you were already mad before you made this thread. then made the thread because you were mad about it..
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